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The short answer to the question above is yes. The Writeappreviews.com is well-known (maybe not to you until today) and safe to use. However, there are a few other things that you need to know. As usual, VLDTR® put to use 50+ critical factors to authenticate if Writeappreviews.com is legitimate. Let’s take a look at this company and its Reviews Site niche.


The Scam Detector’s algorithm gives this business the following rank:


Our robust validator tool confidently provided this rank due to an intelligent algorithm created by our fraud prevention specialists team. Let’s see why Writeappreviews.com got this rating.

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  1. Domain Creation DateTuesday 25th, February 2020 02:04 am

  2. Website Popularity126501 (Great)

  3. Domain Blacklist StatusNot detected by any blacklist engine

  4. HTTPS ConnectionValid HTTPS Found

Writeappreviews.com: Reviews Site

As Writeappreviews.com is part of a busy Reviews Site sector but doesn’t have a top rating yet, we tried to scrap a paragraph from the website’s metadata (below) to see if it is done right:

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Let’s dive into the non-biased Writeappreviews.com review and more.

Writeappreviews.com Review

Our powerful VLDTR® tool finds Writeappreviews.com having an authoritative high rank of 84.7. This means that the business is Reliable. Legitimate. Secure. The algorithm generated the rank relying on 53 relevant factors. In this particular case, the most important ones signaled public feedback, social media mentions referring to customer service quality, and the Alexa rank. Another one that seemed to be determinant was the Writeappreviews.com ‘s DA, which is the Domain name Authority. Other influential factors were, but are not limited to, references in online media publications, the IP address, and minor discrepancies on the website.

Writeappreviews.com: Scam Or Not?

In conclusion, is Writeappreviews.com a scam? No, it is not, but you need always to pay attention to details and use common sense when engaging in online transactions of any kind. In many cases, the trendier a website becomes – whether it is from the same Reviews Site field or not – the more complaints it gets (compared to positive reviews). Think banks, electricity companies, or Amazon. They are 100% legitimate organizations, but there are always hiccups and occasional errors.  There are always complainers for everything – including for Writeappreviews.com – but it doesn’t mean the company is a scam. You need to learn to make the difference between the platform and its users (in general, not necessarily in this particular case). We take pride in our Scam Detector VLDTR® tool and in the fact that the rankings can’t be rigged or bought. The ratings are not based solely on reviews that people leave on specialty websites but an intelligent aggregation of powerful factors.

Online Reviews of Writeappreviews.com

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Is waiting 12 weeks for a refund and spending more to sort it than the original value fair

My husband went to currys pc world york to buy 2 ram cards and told the guy the exact spec needed. He said we don’t have any the same as that but any one will work as long as they are both the same. Not the case!!He checked with the manufacturer who told him the complete opposite. He went back again and was told you need to see one of our business experts. LOLalso not the case. The so called expert looked on line and told him he had the correct cards. My husband asked him to write the model and price down so he did. When he went back to buy them it turned out that the price he had written was not only x vat but they also wanted £9.99 for him to collect them from store, also not mentioned . He eventually got them for the original quoted price but when they arrived they didn’t work.Just said no vga input and refused to boot. He thought it couldn’t possibly be the cards as the expert had told him they were correct so it must be the monitor lead and paid £20 for a new one.Nothing changed. After a lot of messing about being told to swap the cards round,try just one card etc the guy eventually decided they were faulty. My husband told him he would take the pc in so that he could see what the problem was but was told you will have to wait until monday it’s 5.o clock i’m going home. My husband was really annoyed by this time by the guy’s attitude and saw a technician. The technician took one look at the invoice and said why has he ordered these they will never work in a month of sundays. He went back on the monday and was told they would return the cards and once accepted back they would give Him a cash refund but it would be a couple of days. 8 weeks later still no refund!!! He has written to the manager who has not replied e mailed the MD who has also not replied spent 48 minutes on web chat and got nowhere and to date spent £12.45 trying to contact their so called customer service. He did get through to the Business customer service who told him to go back to the store as they couldn’t process the refund as i paid cash. He had already told the guy in the store that if they had no cash they could credit it to his debit card. They sent an e mail asking did he want the refund by cash or onto his debit card so of course he said to his card. They now tell him that they cannot refund it by cash or card but only by bacs back to the card. As far as we know that has nothing to do with the card it is just bank transfer. They decided they wanted a photograph of his bank statement which he doesn’t have as he shreds them as soon as he has checked them and they wanted additional id. We decided that due to the outstanding level of incompetence experienced to date that he should not give them any bank details. Would you trust these Fools to not lose or pass the details on to someone else. (update) My husband has now had a refund for the ram cards but still waiting for the promised payment for out of pocket expenses. May well be another 9 weeks.

Is Writeappreviews.com Safe? How Would You Rate It?

If you disagree with the 84.7 rating or you want to improve the review, you can definitely contribute with some key info, by all means. Is Writeappreviews.com safe? Have you dealt with this business? How would you rate it? Please share your experience by leaving a comment. Also, please refrain from spamming. We can detect that, too.

5 Ways To Easily Spot a Scam Website

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Where To Report Online Scammers

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