Vintage Mens Quartz Pocket Watch 2nd…

Men’s Pocket Watch 2nd Amendment Vintage Skull Style Quartz Pocket Watch Necklace Gifts for Men

  1. PATTERN – 2nd amendment with skull stone was designed in this pocket watch.

  2. PRACTICAL – A chic alternative to a common necklace our pocket watches for men and women can be wear elegantly in the neck as a necklace fashionably and lovely.

  3. SETTING TIME – Pull the part in the top of the pocket watch away from base of the watch and turn it clockwise until reaching the exact time.

  4. QUARTZ MOVEMENT- This pocket watch is kind of watch used on quartz movement in order to assuring the time exactly.

  5. GREAT ANTIQUE GIFT – An exquisite pocket watch – gift for menfriends parents kids in some celebrations and occasions such as wedding day birthday or Christmas. Vintage Mens Quartz Pocket Watch 2nd …

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