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Are you among those people who have zero knowledge about video editing but still want to create a professional video? Do you want to create a 3D animation video? If yes, then you must try the Viddyoze software.

Videos are a great source of communication that can help you to get more traffic. It can double up your sales, followers, subscribers, etc. But you might also be familiar with it that video editing is not easy.

It requires effort, skill, and hard work. To learn professional video editing, you have spent at least a year on learning particular video edition software.

But if you want an urgent video and don’t like learning that software by yourself, then you have to hire a freelancer that is going to charge hundreds of dollars for a small video.

So what should a person looking for professional video do instead of spending hundreds of dollars? Well, such people can give a try to Viddyoze software that requires zero video editing knowledge.

It has made the video editing task easier for beginners. But with a lot of video editor software available in the market, is Viddyoze a good pick? In this Viddyoze review, you will know everything about this software.

What Is Viddyoze?

It is video editing software through which you can create a professional video in a short time. Whether you want an Intro, Outro, a Sales video, video for your social media, etc. you will get it through this software.

To use this program, you don’t require learning any skill. Within three steps, you can produce a high-quality video with this program.

You don’t have to build a template for your video because you will get access to 170+ built-in templates with this tool. It is a cloud-based system, so you don’t have to install anything on your system.

You can access it from everywhere and from any device. Unlike other video editing software, this tool doesn’t add any personal watermark in videos.

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However, you can include your brand logo in videos if you want. The program makes a perfect match of audio and video so that the end results become exceptional.

With the built-in templates, you will also get custom-created audio tracks. You can add or remove those audios depending on your needs.

It produces videos in mp4 file format, which is compatible with all the devices, so don’t have to bother about the specifications of your device.

About Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain & Jamie Garside – The Creators

Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain & Jamie Garside have contributed a lot to beginners through this software. They are the people behind this software who have made the video editing process easier.

Joey Xoto and his team are in the software development field for quite a long time. They are top designers and developers who have given some other useful software to help the community.

Using the skill and experience, Joey Xoto and his team created this video editing software that has helped thousands of people in creating a high-quality animation video with a few clicks.

The best part about this software is that it doesn’t demand any specific skill. Whether you are a novice or an expert video editor, you can use this software comfortably.

How Does Viddyoze Work?

This video editing software is a perfect choice for all types of users. As the working of this software is simple, you can master it within a few hours.

Choose, Edit, and download are three factors that this product depends on. Firstly, you have to pick up a template that you like the most. There are over 170 templates, and you can select any of them.

However, the program enables you to customize them according to your wish. Once you are done with customizing, now you need to edit things.

You can include your brand logo, images, and other similar stuff to your video. After editing all the stuff, it’s time to preview the animation video. Previewing the video will give you a clear idea about it.

You can re-edit the video if you don’t like something while previewing it. If you like the preview, you can download the video.

You will get the video downloaded within a few minutes. It’s that simple to use this video editing software, so you should not miss a chance and start using it.

What Comes with Viddyoze?

  • The program comes with cloud hosting, so you don’t have to install the software on your device. You can open the software and start using it from any device and location.

  • The product has a member’s area where you can get access to many videos created by other users. You can share your knowledge and learn many things via that area.

  • The product provides a commercial license, which means that you can sell your videos to clients. You can start freelancing and earn thousands of dollars by creating videos for others.

  • If you do not understand how to use the software, you can contact the customer support team, and they will solve your query within a single day.

  • Unlike many other products, you will get unlimited updates with this software. So you are always going to get the best edition of this software.

  • Apart from this, you will get the Reverse Sales blueprint with this program. It is a video training that will show you how to find potential clients and sell them your animation videos.

  • The program also has a YouTube Profits Elevator that will guide you on how to become a successful Youtuber using the animation videos. It is an easy copy-paste method that doesn’t demand a lot of effort.

Benefits of Using Viddyoze Software

Viddyoze video editing software has many advantages that are listed below.


The program has YouTube Profits Elevator and Reverse Sales bonuses. Reverse Sales contain a step-by-step video guide through which you will learn the art of selling videos.

You will discover the technique of finding highly targeted clients that will be interested in buying your videos. The program also guides people on how to make 0 to $10k in a single month via video sales.

On the other hand, the YouTube Profits Elevator will guide you to grow your YouTube channel. It reveals the copy & paste video secret that a few top YouTube channels are using. You will additionally come across the method of increasing subscribers.

One Time Payment

Most video editing software demands monthly or yearly subscriptions. You also have to pay them for additional add-ons. But that is not the case with this video editing software.

You only pay once and enjoy the software for a lifetime. Whether you pick the Personal pack or Commercial plan, it will demand a one-time payment.

Also, this software has a money-back policy that you can use within 60 days. If you are not happy with the software features, you can instantly ask for a refund.

Create Professional Videos

Even without zero editing knowledge, you can produce high quality and eye-catching video via this program.

The program permits users to render unlimited videos, which is another prime reason to purchase it. However, this unlimited rendering option is only available for Commercial plan users.

If you are spending on the personal plan, then you will only get 30 renders per month. So if you are going to use it for a longer period, then I would suggest you to go for the commercial pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have asked many queries about Viddyoze. However, I have listed some commonly required questions below.

What Is the Price of This Video Editing Software?

The software comes in the Viddyoze Personal and Commercial plan. Each pack has different pricing. For the personal pack, you have to pay $77, while for commercial, the cost is $97.

Both packages have varying pricing because both have different functionalities. In a Commercial plan, you will get more options in contrast to the personal one.

What Is the Difference Between Viddyoze Personal and Commercial Plan?

Both personal and commercial plans have quite similar features. However, a few features make them apart from one another. For a personal plan, you can only perform 30 renders in a single month.

However, in the commercial pack, you can perform unlimited renders. The commercial package has Reverse Sales Method and YouTube Accelerator.

But you will not get any bonus with the personal one. Also, the program doesn’t allow personal plan users to sell the videos, but you can sell unlimited videos and make money in the commercial plan.

I Don’t Know How to Edit Videos, Can I Still Use It?

Yes, this product is especially for people who don’t know the video editing process. It’s a user-friendly product that is suitable for newcomers as well as experts.

The program permits people to create a video in three clicks. So it’s easy and effective software that you can use even with zero knowledge.


The Viddyoze software helps people to create animation and other high-quality videos easily. It will provide you with 170+ templates, which makes the video look stunning. The program allows people to produce a video within three clicks even if they don’t have any video editing skills.

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