The Smoothie Diet

10. The Smoothie Diet

Category: Diets & Weight Loss ClickBank Nickname: smoothdiet

In many cases, popular ClickBank offers will end up with lower key metrics, such as conversion rate, because it attracts less-experienced affiliates who drag down the numbers.

That’s what makes The Smoothie Diet so impressive – it has one of the higher conversion rates on our list, even though it’s become popular enough to land on the top 10. You don’t get much better than this one!

EPC = $0.80 AOV = $36.00 Starting Commission = 75% Affiliate Tools Page = Vendor Contact =

Here’s the “hot take” from the ClickBank Affiliate Team:

“The Smoothie Diet makes its way to our Top 10 for the first time. How? With a strong conversion rate despite being popular, a refund rate below 4%, and payouts of $23 per sale. This thing converts, it’s a solid trustworthy product, and you won’t be giving money back through refunds and chargebacks. Solid all the way around. Welcome to the Top 10, Smoothie Diet.”

Check out their landing page here.