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Speechelo Turn Text TO Speech With Human-Like Voices

Speechelo Text to Speech

By Yuriko Linck on Sat, 05 Sep 2020 | Making Money Doing Voice-Overs

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Speechelo software is guaranteed to create 100% human-like voiceover to enable you to maximize your video and audio sales and increase your viewers. Visit the page and try yours!

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Speechelo Text to Speech

Speechelo is an intelligent software that converts texts into 100% human-like voices in three easy tricks. It was developed by two genius guys, Vlad and Stoica, who have taken time to create another software called Blaster software, which deals with video marketing through YouTube. For the past decades, people would gather around the fire to listen to tales from their grandparents. The video industry advanced in the last 100 years when we started watching stories at the cinema, television, and now YouTube is everywhere, and most people can stream their favourite videos. However, an excellent video requires a matching voiceover, and that is why Speechelo was developed.


As a video producer, you cannot create good sales, training, or educational video without incorporating a good voiceover. However, not all the artists have a pleasant radio-sounding voice, while others will complain of lack of good microphone and other recording devices, language barrier, and lack of confidence in their voices. To try and mitigate the situation, you may decide to land on two options; spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars finding the best voiceover and using robotic voices, which might scare away your viewers. All the options may turn out to be fruitless and costly, that is why you need to buy Speechelo software which will guarantee you 100% human voice in the following three simple steps;

Step 1: Paste the Text into The Online Editor

Once you have the text that you intend to convert into a speech, paste it into the Speechelo online text editor. The most valuable part with Speechelo is that the editing panel will do everything for you. It will add all the punctuation marks and countercheck the text to make it sound natural.

Step 2: Choose the Language You Want to Transform Your Text To And The Voice

There are more than 30 voices you can pick from in the AI generator. Additionally, Speechelo provides a room to preview all the voices before settling on one. Depending on how you want your speech to sound, you can choose a standard voice, although you will be required to make numerous adjustments. The buttons on the editing panel allow you to add tags, pauses, and breathing sounds to your text, or even select the tone you want your speech to be read. However, it is recommended you stick to AI-generated voices since they sound better. Additionally, the AI generator also allows you to switch to any of the four US voices with ranging options from male to female of all ages.

Step 3: Generate and Download Your Voiceover

Once you are through with text conversion and setting your voiceover, it is time to download it. But you need to preview the voiceover from Speechelo dashboard to confirm if it’s your best choice. When you are completely satisfied, go ahead and download and use it in your projects. However, it would be wise if you generate short paragraphs at a time to avoid troubles with the voiceover when going through and fixing it. You can then merge them in the last panel and download a full speech.


It has been proven beyond doubts that Speechelo works with many video creation software. All you need to do is to create your voiceover with the Speechelo software, download the audio, and import it in your favourite video creators, such as Camtasia, Premiere Pro, Audacity, Or any other software. Additionally, there are many different reasons why you should choose Speechelo, including;

  1. Creating training, sales and educational videos,

  2. Creating Facebook video ads,

  3. Generating audio versions for your blog posts,

  4. Generating audio versions for a coursebook or eBook, and

  5. Creating Instagram ads.


This type of human-like voice generator comes with the following features;

  1. Over 30 voices: you will have a voices collection, both in male and female versions with human sounds.

  2. An online text editor which will add all the necessary punctuations making your speech to sound more natural.

  3. Breathing sounds and pauses: the software allows you to set your speech to your desire by adding breathing sounds and longer breaks between paragraphs. However, if you do not want such adjustments, AI generator will decide where to pause and insert breathing sounds.

  4. It has 23 languages, which allow you to address the non-English speaking audience.

  5. Different voice tones, where you can decide which voice tone you would like to match the nature of your video.


  1. Creates excellent natural voices.

  2. Easy to use in only three steps.

  3. Allows voice customization.

  4. It is cheaper than other software alternatives (one-time fee for regular use).

  5. Variety of voices to pick from.

  6. Uses Mac or PC since it is a cloud platform.

  7. Makes more money and provides training when upgraded to a pro-level.


  1. Needs network connection to access it.

  2. Many benefits are only available in Speechelo Pro level.

  3. Allows too short audio previews.

  4. Does not support pdf uploading.

Final Thoughts

As a video seller, you need a good speech generator which will maximize your sales and increase your video viewers. Speechelo is here to save you from the stress and costs of looking for the best artist with Morgan Freeman-like sound for your products. It comes with a vast network of languages and voices, something you will enjoy editing your voices in the comfort of your studio. As the long-term user of the software, I guarantee 100% satisfaction with the Speechelo.

Yes, I Want Speechelo Text to Speech!


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