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Diabetes Freedom Review – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Table of Contents

  1. My Review with Diabetes Freedom

  2. Diabetes Freedom Review: Overview of the Program

  3. What Are Phytonutrients?

  4. What is Diabetes Freedom?

  5. Why should you free yourself from type 2 Diabetes?

  6. Who is the Creator of Diabetes Freedom?

  7. What is Included in the Diabetes Freedom Program?

  8. What Do You Get with Every Purchase? Diabetes Freedom — Main Manual

  9. 7 Diabetes Freedom Diet Plan Rules

  10. How to Customize Diabetes Freedom According to Your Need?

  11. How Does Diabetes Freedom Work?

  12. Who Should Use Diabetes Freedom?

  13. Who Shouldn’t Use Diabetes Freedom?

  14. Diabetes Freedom Safety Protocol

  15. Diabetes Freedom and Vital organs

  16. Diabetes Freedom Pros and Cons

  17. How to Buy Diabetes Freedom?

  18. Diabetes Freedom Customer Reviews

  19. Diabetes Freedom Reviews: Final Thoughts

  20. Diabetes Freedom FAQs

Being at the top of health is one of the priorities of people these days. A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body and it has loads of benefits too. Most people give into small-term pleasures and do not realize that having a balanced routine with proper care to the body and mind is crucial as it would lead to a better long-term result. As a matter of fact, then, it is not quite easy to live a life that is healthy with a busy schedule these days. Moreover, people have developed a set and rather an addiction to things like colas, burgers, pizzas, and candies.

But as a result, people do face the consequences of not eating enough protein and veggies in their diet when they grow older. That’s when the problem begins as they begin to develop life-threatening diseases that they thought they never would. Some of these diseases include things like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc which let them live a life full of drugs.

Diabetes Freedom Review

It is hard to imagine for a non-diabetic person right now what a person with diabetes would feel. And if you are at any of the sides, it would not be a shock to hear that a study found out that almost 100 million people in the USA are at risk of having diabetes. The precautionary things are quite hard to do while the medicines are costly too, but it’s a relief to hear that it is not the end of the world.

This article will tell you about a product called Diabetes Freedom which claims to relieve the symptoms of diabetes and reverse the insulin resistance which is responsible for causing this problem at the very beginning. But with many options available these days which claim to diminish the symptoms of diabetes, we have decided to review Diabetes Freedom in detail and find the truth about whatever it has claimed on its official website.

My Review with Diabetes Freedom

Unlike other reviews that are sprawling on the internet, I am not going to make any statements and shocking results about Diabetes Freedom. In fact, it was a year ago when I was going through some reviews of users who have given Diabetes Freedom a go to see if it actually works. As a person with diabetes myself, I knew that the web was filled with fake reviews too and my concern was rather real. I wanted to know exactly what this plan consists of. Thus, I decided to come forward with my own experiment about Diabetes Freedom which is created by Dr. James Freemans.

I could only imagine the hesitant faces of people who are reading this review of Diabetes Freedom and must be scratching their heads thinking if the product actually works and if it would work for them. As a user of Diabetes Freedom, myself, I genuinely believe in this product and would not force you to sell my opinions like hotcakes.

Thus with this article, I would like you to express the truest face of what Diabetes Freedom holds. So if you would read the whole article without skipping any part, you would believe in my opinion and probably benefit from the Diabetes Freedom eBook too.

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Diabetes Freedom Review: Overview of the Program

Diabetes Freedom is a two-month plan which points at flushing fatty deposits from the body by a structured diet and a workout plan. The fatty deposits which stay near the pancreas can elevate diabetes symptoms that are caused due to high blood sugar level. When consulted by a doctor, the only way out seems to rely on chemical medication. People with diabetes are also asked to leave their favorite deserts, any sweets, and too many carbs. High sugar levels can also affect the functioning of the brain in addition to causing harm to the kidney and liver too. Besides this, diabetes is anyway quite a precarious condition.

In the condition of diabetes, you will have to control insulin levels apart from controlling glucose levels too. Diabetes Freedom gives a chance to improve all this by providing several videos that will help you control toxins, improve pancreatic functions, control your food cravings all through natural methods.

Diabetes Freedom provides a list of powerful drinks and solutions that will lower your blood sugar and help to improve the adipose tissues which are great for type 2 diabetes. Some videos are dedicated to fat burning and muscle toning that will help you elevate your health. These little steps would help you achieve the bigger step of reliving the diabetes symptoms and providing

All these little fixes contribute to the bigger goal of relieving you of Diabetes symptoms and providing you with a natural way to regulate them. Diabetes Freedom gives a very easy approach to you which will work against your problems. The daily recipes with veggies, fruits, and some special herbs would help ignite the diabetes reversing mechanism too.

According to recent research, diabetes is on the rise and over 30 million people are on the hit list of having diabetes or are pre-diabetic. This means that more than 30 percent of Americans are either pre-diabetic or have diabetes. It is predicted to rise 3 times in the next few years. However, Diabetes Freedom claims that it can be reversed by using precautions that Diabetes Freedom will offer people and remove the disease from its roots.

Diabetes Freedom offers no crash diets, no chemically induced medicines, and no exercise at all. It gives certain steps that will help you remove diabetes from its roots. The majority of people who try to fix their problems are not doing it properly. For example, there are certain tips and tricks that Americans follow, but they still can’t help eliminate this problem, and as a matter of fact, it has only increased manifolds over the years.

Here are certain causes that are usually given by doctors when asked about the reason for this problem in the first place:

  1. Your genetics or family history

  2. Your age

  3. Your weight

  4. Eating too much sugar or carbs

According to a recent study from the University of Utah, the actual cause of type 2 diabetes is a lipid molecule that is responsible for the fat cells to grow up. This allows the fat cells to get accumulated in certain places and move through your bloodline. It leads to clogging of arteries and suffocation of certain organs in the body. It also leads to the intoxication of the pancreas, liver, and heart, which are major organs of the body.

The study also shows that this tiny lipid molecule and another compound which is known as ceramide is present in all diabetic people which forces the fat cells to clog and block the arteries especially those of your vital organs which results in them not functioning properly. In layman’s terms, this is also responsible for the inability to flush the toxins of the body, especially the pancreas which has a huge role in insulin production. The question however is that why it is specific people who get this problem and others who do not get it their whole life?

Diabetes Freedom shows people how they can also remove diabetes and just prevent it from happening again with the use of powerful ingredients and a set of exercises. By this method, you will be able to flush out the toxins from the body which is the root cause of diabetes. It will stop the fat from accumulating in your bloodstream and clog your organs. Diabetes Freedom involves an essential step which is to introduce phytonutrients in your diet and target to destroy any kind of fat and melt it off. Thus, you will be able to lose fat and as a result a few pounds too which will help you achieve a healthy body and reverse your diabetes instantly.

But why you must choose this particular method? Well, the accessibility of Diabetes Freedom and the simplicity to use it will make you wonder why you didn’t come across it any sooner!

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What Are Phytonutrients?

Phytonutrients are composed of plants that help to neutralize the harmful effect of the foreign agents in the blood, remove the harmful toxins from the body, and break the fat cells. It is also found in many veggies and fruits but is most abundant in plants that contain flavonoids, lignans, and propenylphenols. All these scientific names might confuse you but they are simply just chemicals that you can find in medicinal plants that are easily available in grocery shops too. For example, you can find this substance in food such as chives, grapes, dark chocolate, and cinnamon. Lignans are found in squash and carrots while flavonoids are present in celery, parsley, and romaine lettuce.

The most important thing is to know about the serving size of each food and combine them to take it at a specific time of the day for them to work properly. You will be then creating a strong catalytic effect by increasing the power of these items. It will help you kickstart the powerful chain reaction that will help you eliminate your diabetes. Phytonutrients work as antioxidants that target the fat and flush out the ceramide that is dangerous for your body and causes fat gain.

By letting you go from the diabetic state, you will be able to live your life without this problem because it will give you the freedom to live your life in a certain way. The side effects of diabetes will be reversed and you will feel more energetic all day long. You will also come off those chemically induced medicines that have negative side effects on overall health. It is not a temporary fix but a permanent relief from the problem. Here are some key features of using Diabetes Freedom:

  1. It is not a new kind of medication that is available in the market.

  2. It is not the kind of medicine that an expert prescribes you, and thus there’s no need for a prescription.

  3. It does not involve you getting on a crash diet or follow a strenuous exercise regimen.

Diabetes Freedom holds the key to transformation to your entire diet and will help you rebuild the lost confidence again. It is quite apparent how diabetes can turn someone’s life upside down in just a few weeks. Thus, getting rid of it holds a great opportunity for them.

  1. Did you know that people with type 2 diabetes have chances of them falling into a condition called diabetic coma? It is a life-threatening condition that can result in a coma-like state. It can be led on by dangerously high blood sugar hyperglycemia or low blood sugar hypoglycemia.

  2. Diabetic people have a higher chance of getting their limbs amputated. 1 in 4 people has to go through it.

  3. A person with diabetes has a higher risk of having a heart attack than a normal person who doe not have diabetes.

  4. It is more likely for a diabetic person to have a stroke and die than a person who does not have diabetes. It is due to the clogged arteries which do not allow the blood to flow to the vital organs.

  5. Did you know that you can lose your eyesight because of diabetes? Diabetic neuropathy is an actual condition that will cause your eyes to degenerate. It occurs to at least 41 percent of Americans with diabetes.

  6. If you are a woman with diabetes, you must be extra cautious. It has been researched that women with diabetes have a higher chance of getting cancer too.

  7. With diabetes, you can also risk brain damage and difficulty in brain functioning by 65 percent.

  8. Diabetes infects your brain function and so it also deteriorates your memory too.

We just saw how having diabetes can have more than needed effects on the body. Losing a limb was the most common one that we knew but there are many more problems that can because just by having diabetes. It is amazing how people are not yet aware of the lingering problems that are associated with diabetes. However, worry not, because they are reversible. But the treatment process lets you spend a ton of money that would be impossible to spend for everyone. With Diabetes Freedom, you can reverse all these symptoms and after-effects in a much cheaper way. All thanks to the composition and guidelines available in this eBook!

What is Diabetes Freedom?

Most people are aware of the fact that diabetes, both 1 and 2 types are a common kind of medical condition that affects half the population around the globe. There is no scientific evidence as to why this kind of disease is present in people, however, one widely accepted theory is that it is linked to one’s genetic composition along with one daily lifestyle that plays a huge role in this problem.

If you look at the statistics on this problem, you will find that WHO released a study that claimed that between the years 1980 and 2016, there has been a huge surge in the number of cases. The cases have risen from 108 million to 500 million. This includes people having diabetes as well as those who have a similar condition.

If it is not enough, the presence of diabetes is much more in adults which are individuals above the age of 18, and has risen significantly from 4.7 percent to 9 percent in the above-mentioned years. With this, there is also a significant change in the mortality rate of the people. This gives the image that in future more and more people will be affected by this condition and it is quite imminent.

Thus, Diabetes Freedom is a proven formula that can help to evade such problems. it gives step by step solution to help the user to get rid of this deadly disease. The official website of the product claims that the product has been designed by a couple of experts who excel at their particular niche of work. They have been associated with their respective field for a long time now. The data that has been given in the eBook is also well researched and verified by many prestigious medical institutes like Harvard.

Diabetes Freedom is a smart program that you can access online which will give you many ways to reduce symptoms of diabetes by using all the natural ways possible. The program helps to give the clients a natural way to control insulin levels and sugar levels too. The plan is to create by George Riley by fixating upon certain issues like meal timings, nutritional intake, and boosting your metabolic strength to solve the problem.

According to Riley, only a diet that is rich in certain elements can help reduce the problems by eliminating fatty deposits. Here are the three steps that Diabetes Freedom uses:

  1. A 2-month nutrition plan

  2. Seven brown fat boosting metabolic rules for Type-2 Diabetics

  3. Tricks to time your meals appropriately

Diabetes Freedom also contains lists of recipes that are tasty and safe to consume for people who want to remove fat deposits and remove diabetes from their lives. The video tutorials help to support this information that will keep you hooked. Once you understand better what your disease is all about, you will be better at solving the problem yourself. There are many times where it won’t be revealed to you what associated problems you are going through but Diabetes Freedom is an open book!

Thus, with Diabetes Freedom, you can get rid of all your problems by making a few tweaks according to the manual. It would not really be a burden on your pocket and you can be assured of the credibility of this product easily especially with thousands of people who have used this product before. This is why I am writing this piece of information for a better understanding.

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Why should you free yourself from type 2 Diabetes?

The method that is provided in Diabetes Freedom is very efficient when you have to free yourself from diabetes and associated conditions that it causes. If you were able to balance out your cholesterol levels or your blood sugar, then it is worth it because it might just add another decade to your life span. If you have diabetes then only you can know how that feels and how your life will be changed once you get cured.

  1. With Diabetes Freedom, you will not have to worry about getting your limbs amputated or the chance of going into a diabetic coma.

  2. You can live your life freely without any kind of pain or attack that can land you up in hospitals.

  3. You will not have to blow your hard-earned money into medications and visits from doctors that are probably too expensive. These medications also have several side effects like bloating, gas, kidney problems, etc.

  4. You will not have to wake up in the middle of the night drenched from sweat because you have this huge life-threatening disease off your back!

Thus, with Diabetes Freedom, you will have a new chance at life. Your energy levels will soar up high and you will be rid of excess fat that has been accumulated in the body. The fat will melt away from your body and you will improve each aspect of your health too.

Who is the Creator of Diabetes Freedom?

George Riley is not really a very renowned nutritionist and is neither a licensed physician. It is quite amazing to see how he came up with such a program, that is working for many people around the globe. He is a former diabetic patient himself and for him, the idea came up because of his own experience with diabetes.

He took so many medications himself, and it all came to a point when his condition deteriorated, and he came to a point of getting his leg amputated. It was horrifying for him. He changed his doctor and got to know about the bad effects of the previous medications that he was receiving. During this time, he also learned that he can cut down the risk of diabetes using natural procedures. It all depended on his meals and the timings in which he took them.

It thus became imperative for him to follow a set structure by which he also started to see many changes in his health conditions. He consumed adequate nutrition to flush out toxins from his body and remove fat cells that have been accumulated. George’s condition improved and it remained better for the next two months too.

Seeing his own struggles with diabetes, he decided to make it a mission to introduce his program to thousands of people like him who have to remain unsuccessful to cure the disease. Because this story is so close to his heart, he has offered the program at a discounted rate so that anyone can access it easily!

What is Included in the Diabetes Freedom Program?

Diabetes Freedom comes with all the important info that you might need for your fitness journey. It explains the natural ingredients that you’ll need and what are the benefits of each one of them. Then it also has meal plans, meal timings, and how you can detox your body. It also comes with video tutorials. So, here’s a sneak at what you will get when you order a Diabetes Freedom:

  1. Main Manual

  2. Quick Start Accelerator

  3. Meal Preparation Guide

  4. Video Library

  5. Nutritional Guide for Diabetes Type 2

  6. Meal Timing Strategies

  7. Food Shopping Guide

  8. Body Movements

  9. Bonus: Stay Young Forever Guide

  10. Bonus: 33 Powerful Foods for Diabetics Guide

  11. Bonus: Fat Burning Blueprint Guide

All this will be made available to your after you purchase the Diabetes Freedom as it is all handled digitally. Thus, you can handle this stuff right away by downloading the plan right on any of your devices like phone, tablet, laptop, etc. This will make sure that you have access to the plan wherever you go no matter if you are at your workplace or on a vacation. You can even take it along with you to the grocery shopping. It is quite a necessary product.

If you are new to using natural ingredients to treat absolutely anything, you will wonder how are they going to work at all. You can see this because of all the testaments and reviews that are posted online and with a 60-day money-back guarantee that you get with the purchase. Thus, you can be easily sure of all its content and order it without any worries. This has allowed us to gain complete trust over the content of the product.

The best part about Diabetes Freedom is that it has a very structured program that comes with step-by-step instructions. The contents that are delivered in this product come with a video tutorial too so you do have to spend hours on understanding it. The videos are as short as 2 minutes in his plan so you do not have to spend hours on them. It has precise information and the author is no beating about the bush either.

The short and crisp message that the author has sent across is enough for understanding all the nuances of the product. The program is divided into 3 step approach which focuses on different ways in which Diabetes Freedom will help us gain complete control over our own health. Here are all the steps summarized for you:

Step 1: The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan

The first program of Diabetes Freedom is a 5-video combination that explains the subsequent points:

  1. Breakfast shakes targeting to melt white fat cells

  2. Meals to have to burn fat around the pancreas and liver

  3. List of carbs to incorporate so you feel fulfilled

  4. Detox teas to dissolve fat cells & decrease cravings

  5. Seasonings to take before meals to decrease blood sugar by 30%

The number of steps in this part of the book aims to boost the health of your pancreas along with the function of the whole body. It does so by promoting the combination and effect of the ingredients and nutrients that kill fat cells. These are called the while cells which block the processes of the body and thus stop the body from functioning properly.

As the positive function of the pancreas is restored through the meals, the white cells quickly move out. Thus, as a result, the blood sugar will come down and will be controlled by relieving any symptoms that you might have.

Step 2: The Metabolism-Boosting Blueprint

This part of the program helps to quicken and boost the body’s functioning which helps to make it absorb the nutrients and flush toxins in a faster way. With a proper metabolism, the whole overall health has been affected and made better. Here is what this part of the pack has to offer:

  1. A 2-minute fat burning routine that occurs in a digital setup. The exercise routine is simple to watch at home.

This section aims to improve the formation of adipose tissue which is brown fat cells that are healthier and do not get stored in the body like other kinds of fat cells do. This part of the eBook tells you about various tricks in which you can promote the production of adipose tissue and remove excess fat. It is an important step to get relief from diabetic symptoms. It also has another recipe for a fat-burning drink that will help you curb the sugar intake significantly.

Step 3: Strategies to Time Meals Perfectly

This third step of the whole schedule helps to adjust our meal timing which is an important part of the whole book. It is a great way to control our glucose levels. Most often people do not take their meals on time which has negative consequences on their bodies. Meal timing can affect the production of glucose in the body and thus it is what will affect your problems too.

  1. There are easy to make breakfast hacks/tricks that assist you to withdraw cravings and stay animated throughout the day

  2. There is also a menu of snacks and sweets to make

We all know how hard it is to turn down dessert and sweet things. And only a diabetic person can actually know how hard it is to miss out on carbs because we have some of it with each meal. The diabetic has to limit his intake here too. This section in Diabetes Freedom comes as a relief because it has some amazing recipes which are made by professional chefs in collaboration with some trained nutritionists.

More interestingly, you will also have some desserts that you might have once ina while too without affecting your health. It is definitely a relief, isn’t it? The ingredients are specifically chosen so that they will give you more benefits when it comes to diabetes. Losing weight is one of the goals of this program and it will help you achieve this along with other benefits like keeping your glucose levels under control, your cholesterol and blood sugar at bay, etc.

A Closer Look at the Program:

To deliver its objective efficaciously, here is what Diabetes Freedom helps you achieve through in its every piece:

Phase 1

During this phase of the plan, the user is required to adhere to a strict diet plan for at least 60 days which has been devised cautiously and judiciously keeping in mind what a diabetic person can and cannot consume and which will help the clients achieve the optimal goals. When anyone starts following the plan, they will notice that their symptoms have started to eliminate.

People may also notice that they find it quite hard to adjust to this plan because it might not be that easy but it is absolutely worth it and better than crash diets. This is why Diabetes Freedom offers them to be on a diet with all their favorite kinds of foods in mind. The goal here is not to stop or eliminate any food group but keep a great balance of them all and save the body from digesting complex nutrients.

Phase 2

By the time we reach phase 2, the users are compelled to produce certain healthy fatty acids in the body which will help them boost their metabolic energy. Thus, it will not only make them feel satisfied with their food and help them feel satiated without any more cravings, but it will also make them have increased energy levels and perform better in their day-to-day lives too. They will also notice that the underlying symptoms have further decreased, like, the blood glucose has come into control and is now stabilized and their dependency on certain medications has now finally vanished.

Phase 3

If you have finally crossed the first two stages you will be glad to know that he is the easiest stage of them all. Most of the difficult part has been given a blow here. They need to follow the above-mentioned food principles throughout their lives for an improved lifestyle.

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What Do You Get with Every Purchase? Diabetes Freedom — Main Manual

Diabetes Freedom plan comes with the main guide as a part of the plan. It is an essential guide as it contains all the instructions on how to use the program for your benefit. It has all the step-by-step descriptions which we previously read about.

Diabetes Freedom Quick Start Accelerator

This manual, as the name suggests, comes with a quick 2-minute health routine that re easy to fit into one’s schedule. It helps to fire up one’s metabolic energy and melt away all the fat deposits. It also has many diet tips and recipes which will help to strengthen the body and reduce blood sugar and glucose levels from the body. It will also have other benefits:

  1. Removal of any undesired collections within one’s arteries and veins.

  2. Management of one’s blood pressure levels

  3. Vanishing off of excess fat deposits

Diabetes Freedom Video Course

This is a video guide that will help you watch and understand the time periods in which your body will most effectively burn food to produce energy. It also explains various kinds of food groups. This will really help you strengthen up your digestive tract.

This section of the Diabetes Freedom guide will also help you wither other things like:

  1. How to manage one’s cravings while controlling the body’s energy output.

  2. The only desired way through which one can achieve more profound sleep.

10 Days of Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks

This part of the guide is yet more effective as it comes with a range of selective drinks that will improve your insulin sensitivity and even help you lose some weight while it boosts your metabolic levels. You have to include these drinks for 10 days in your diet. These drinks help because they contain excellent ingredients which has antioxidants and which relieves stress and reduces inflammation in the body. It helps the body to detoxify with a very natural process.

The ingredients will help you boost your energy levels, heal the wound quickly, help you balance out the sugar, glucose, and cholesterol levels, and the daily dietary fiber will help you improve your gut health in a very significant way. The drinks from this manual would include certain drinks like carrot and tropical fruit drinks, fruit smoothies, cream berry super drinks, and the green explosion drinks along with others. These drinks are designed in a way to reduce your hunger pangs by at least 50 percent without any second thoughts.

8 Week Diabetes Freedom Dieting Strategy

Diabetes Freedom also gives you a certain strategy which you will find inclusive in your main guide and which is crucial to follow as the whole mechanics of this guide is bade don it. It has a 7-method approach which is explained below:

  1. Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks: It is recommended that you must consume at least 2 drinks from the drink section which will include 1 phase drink and 1 multipurpose drink. They will help you balance out your insulin and maintain your sugar levels and hunger pangs.

  2. Phase 2 Antioxidants: Phase 2 oxidants are very important because they will keep the inflammation at bay without stressing your body. It will also boost up the antioxidant production in the body.

  3. Superfoods: This section covers all the kinds of superfoods that you will need and how they will help you achieve your target in no time.

  4. Carbohydrates: Surprisingly, you will not be asked to remove carbs from your diet and will have access to carbs with a low glycaemic index. It will help you improve insulin sensitivity and will keep you satiated for a longer period of time.

  5. Anti-diabetic Super Proteins: Consuming the kinds of proteins mentioned in his diet, you will be able to activate thermogenesis which will help you achieve weight loss in no time. You will be given a list of both vegan and nonvegan options.

  6. Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats: With Diabetes Freedom, you will not have to eliminate fats at all from your feet. In fact, you will be given a list of healthy fats that are essential for your body and which will improve hormonal health and brain function. It will also give you more energy!

  7. Metabolism Booster Drinks: You will have access to drinks that will help you boost your metabolic strength and will look after your daily nutritional requirements which is an important aspect of an anti-diabetes diet.

7 Diabetes Freedom Diet Plan Rules

There are also some rules that you will have to keep in mind when you are following the Diabetes Freedom plan guide. It will also help you stick to your plan better. It comes with some calorie specific diet plans. They are not just easy but really fun o follow too. You will be asked to keep a food journal, how to be cautious when eating outside, how to use spices and condiments to your advantage, some exercise tips, and how you can easily suppress your cravings too.

The 7 Rules include:

  1. Rule1: Your Food Journal

  2. Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out

  3. Rule 3: Take Advantage of Condiment

  4. Rule 4: Anticipate your Cravings with your Diet and Physical activity

  5. Rule 5: Realistic Exercising Hours

  6. Rule 6: Exercise is fun

  7. Rule 7: Total Daily Tv Time = Sports Time

  8. Up to 3 Portions of Anti-diabetic Super Proteins: The first rule says that you will have to limit your protein consumption to 3 portions in a day. You will also be provided with a list of proteins that will help you build muscles and remove fat from the body. It includes salmon, cod, egg whites, etc.

  9. Up to 4 Portions of Carbohydrates: The second rule is quite interesting as it involves including carbs in your diet. Instead of removing carbs, this diet tells you to add them to your diet so that it becomes easy to control your sugar levels. It also improves insulin sensitivity. Carbs are also enriched with fiber and magnesium along with other vitamins and minerals. They allow y to have oats, beans, and pulses.

  10. Up to 3 Portions of Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats: Diabetes Freedom also allows you to have some kind of healthy fats which will help you burn the white fat and give you energy. The list of fats includes any kind of nuts, and seeds like almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, avocado, guacamole, etc.

  11. Unlimited Anti-diabetic Vegetables: The program allows you to have unlimited veggies like beetroot, bok choy, cabbage, spinach, carrots, arugula, etc who will fill you up because of sufficient dietary fiber and will keep the calorie count lower.

  12. Super Drinks: Th recipe for the super drinks is mentioned in the Diabetes Freedom guide and you can drink whichever super drink that you like.

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How to Customize Diabetes Freedom According to Your Need?

With diabetes, there is no end to various health problems. You will deal with cholesterol levels, highs sugar, high blood pressure, etc. You can even imagine yourself going through problems like sleek amputation, cancer, attacks, and even death in many cases. However, you must not panic and instead lookout for methods with which you can improve your health. The medication provided by the doctor will only deteriorate the problem even further.

When you compare the two kinds of diabetes, type 1 and 2, you will notice that they have different symptoms and cures too. They are in fact absolutely different from each other. To solve this issue, Diabetes Freedom is allowing the users to have a customized plan that will help the patients to get through all the knowledge about their specific problems. You will go through a questionnaire and based on your answers you will get a custom-designed plan that will be exclusive for you.

Here’s a look at what you can anticipate when you began on this journey:

Main Manual

  1. Welcome to the Program

  2. Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes

  3. Stage 1: 10 Days of Super Drinks

  4. Details about the Diabetes Super Drinks

  5. Stage 2: 8 Week Diabetes Dieting Strategy

  6. 7 Rules of the Diabetes Diet Plan

  7. Rule 1: Your Daily Food Journal

  8. Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out

  9. Rule 3: Take Advantage of Condiments

  10. Rule 4: Anticipate Your Cravings with your Diet and Physical Activity

  11. Rule 5: Realistic Exercising Hours

  12. Rule 6: Exercise is Fun

  13. Rule 7: Total Daily TV Time = Sport Time

  14. Diabetes Condemns: Falsely Dietetic Food Products (Do Not Trust!)

  15. The List of the 12 Deadly Ingredients – Let Them Go

  16. List of Bad Foods for Type 2 Diabetics