Super Affiliate System 2.0 review by john crestani!

Super Affiliate System Review – Worth Your Time Or No?

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super affiliate system review

A lot of affiliate marketing business models utilize free traffic methods…

Things like blogging, starting a youtube channel, building a Facebook group, etc… And let me be clear, free traffic methods are AWESOME. I use them myself and I recommend you do as well, BUT…

…there are some major downsides to generating free traffic, and the 3 biggest problems in my opinion are:

  1. They take A LOT of work

  2. It will probably be several months (or longer) before you see results

  3. They can be scaled, but not very rapidly

Because of these problems, I think you’re ultimate goal should be to end up using paid traffic in your affiliate marketing business…

And when it comes to learning affiliate marketing using paid traffic methods, one of the courses people are raving about right now is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Is this course legit? Does it really teach you how to generate consistent affiliate commisions using paid advertising?

Well, we’ll be getting to that in just a little bit, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of my review:

The Super Affiliate System is an AMAZING affiliate marketing course. John Crestani is a legit millionaire who made his millions, not by selling courses, but through paid advertising and affiliate marketing. His course teaches you exactly how he makes money with his business, and it’s one of the best affiliate marketing courses available right now. I recommend you click the link below to check out his free training, where he reveals the basic ideas behind his business model and also shows you tons of proof that it works.

👉 Click Here To See John Crestani’s Free (Super Affiliate System) Training

If you’re looking for a more in-depth discussion of the course then keep reading because in this review we’re going to cover the following information in detail:

  1. Super Affiliate System – A Brief Overview…

  2. Who Is John Crestani?

  3. How Is the Super Affiliate System Set Up?

  4. Who Is The System For?

  5. Who Is The System NOT For?

  6. Is The System A Scam?

  7. Pros And Cons…

In the end, I’ll give you my final thoughts about the Super Affiliate System, and you should have a clear idea whether or not it’s something that can benefit you…

Let’s jump into the review!

Super Affiliate System – A Brief Overview…

The Super Affiliate System is an online course by John Crestani where he teaches you how he generates affiliate commissions using paid traffic.

The first version of the Super Affiliate System was released in 2015 and mainly focused around Facebook ads (it was a pretty solid course in it’s own right)…

Recently, John has done a complete update on his course (so this is really a Super Affiliate System 2.0 review), and it now teaches how to run ads on Facebook, Google, Youtube and how to run Native ads as well.

review of super affiliate system

The course includes 6 weeks of training and a whopping 50 hours of video instruction. I found it to be very easy to follow because John does a great job of breaking everything down into very simple terms.

And even if you’re a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, I think you’ll be able to grasp the concepts being taught as you go through the training.

In addition to the training, John provides you targeting data, ad swipes (ads that are already created for you), done-for-you presell pages (because you can’t directly link to affiliate products on these ad platforms)…

…and $895 worth of coupons you can use to start running ads without pulling money out of your own pocket.

You’re taught how to start small, testing your ads with only 5 bucks a day, and then when you find a campaign that is profitable, you can scale up your budget.

All in all, it’s a very comprehensive course and if you’re serious about making money online, there’s no course I would recommend over it.

Click The Video Below To Learn More: >> Click Here To Check Out John’s Free Webinar!

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is the affiliate marketer who created the Super Affiliate System. He’s made millions of dollars in the affiliate marketing space and is renowned for being an expert on the subject.

He was featured in Forbes after being able to build a 500k dollar per month business while traveling the world, and he’s also been featured in Business Insider magazine.

On his YouTube channel, which I recommend you subscribe to, he discusses tips and tricks for making money online in a number of different ways…

He also talks about having the proper mindset to be an online business owner, and I’ve personally gotten a lot out of his videos.

In his Super Affiliate System, he holds nothing back and teaches the exact affiliate marketing techniques that have allowed him to have so much success online.

How Is The Super Affiliate System Set Up?

Like I mentioned before, the Super Affiliate System is set up as a 6 week course, and it’s laid out in a systematic way in which each week builds upon the last:

  1. Week 1: The System Setup

  2. Week 2: Understanding The System

  3. Week 3: Marketing Skills

  4. Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads

  5. Week 5: YouTube And Native Ads

  6. Week 6: Scaling & Automation

The first week is devoted to giving you a complete understanding of the business model you’re about to learn.

After that, you’ll learn about the right mentality that’s necessary for success as an affiliate marketer, and you’ll be taught the marketing skills you need to get started (things like… how to get domains and set up landing pages that will help your offers convert).

On the fourth week, you’ll learn how to master Facebook and Google ads… These are two of the most powerful online ad platforms at the moment because there are millions of potential buyers you can reach.

the 6-week super affiliate system

On the fifth week, you’ll learn how to master YouTube ads and Native ads. Again, there are millions of potential buyers out there, and you’re taught how to get your affiliate products right in front of them.

In week 6, you’ll learn how to scale your ad campaigns to tens of thousands of dollars per day, and you’ll also learn how you can automate your business by outsourcing certain tasks.

As I’ve said already, the training videos are step by step and very easy to follow, and because you’re working with John, you’ll get access to some of the best affiliate networks online.

Side note: Getting accepted to affiliate networks isn’t always that easy. Sure, you have some great places that are friendly to beginners like Clickbank, but others only want experienced marketers (or people learning from experienced marketers like John).

Be aware, you are held accountable…

One of the things I really liked about the Super Affiliate System is that you are held accountable for learning and taking action…

After the training, you are given daily homework assignments, and there are weekly quizzes as well. This is a blessing in disguise because it’s a way of forcing you to learn and take action, which is the only way you’ll be able to achieve success.

In fact, you should treat this course like it’s a college education class that teaches you how to start your own business because honestly, that’s exactly what it is…

The only difference is that it won’t cost you thousands of dollars, and instead of learning from a professor who’s never actually run his own business, you’re learning from John, a guy who has made millions online.

So with that said, expect to devote about 1 hour to learning and 1 hour to taking action (working) each day.

Done for you ads…

In addition to the training, there are other valuable features included with the Super Affiliate System.

The Ready2Launch section has everything you need to set up an ad campaign already done for you…

You’re given the exact Facebook ad targeting, the ad to use, the landing page, and the offer to promote, And you can find these pre-built campaigns in a number of popular niches as well, such as:

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Muscle Building

  3. Skin Care

  4. And many more

This is very cool because it takes out much of the guesswork you might have getting started, and it saves you time because you don’t have to create all of these marketing elements from scratch.

You also get access to the Private Affiliate Marketer Community, which is a private facebook group for John’s students. John is very active in the group, and it’s a great place to go when you have questions.

Within the group, I’ve found that the students are supportive of each other, and people often make posts showing off successful milestones (like making their first sale).

John also does weekly group coaching that you get access to. These live webinars happen every Friday, and they can last for 2 to 3 hours as John helps his students organize and optimize their campaigns… this is insanely valuable if you ask me.

Who Is The Super Affiliate System For?

Now if you’re still not sure if the Super Affiliate System is something you can benefit from, let’s go through a few questions that will help you decide whether or not the system is right for you.

Do you want to work from home?

I’ve been working from home for about 2 years now, and I remember waking up every morning (especially on Mondays) and just dreaming about being able to work from home…

super affiliate system clickbank

I used to be a middle school History teacher, and I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck in a job that you just feel like you are not meant to do.

If you feel the same way, I think the Super Affiliate System is probably the fastest way to learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business

And I love that it focuses on paid traffic because by paying for ads you have the potential to earn affiliate commissions a lot faster than if you focus on free traffic methods.

Do you want more free time to spend with your family and friends?

Some business models actually take up a lot of your time. Sure you may be working for yourself (which is good), but you end up having no free time to spend with your friends and family.

The great thing about John’s business model is that, once you learn how to run ads, market products, and sell, it doesn’t require a lot of work time to actually make money…

In addition to that, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, and you’ll just have more time to spend with your family and friends and on the things you enjoy doing…

Do you enjoy learning new skills?

I really enjoy learning new skills, especially skills that not a lot of people know about. And learning online marketing definitely falls into that category…

In addition to that, you don’t need to have any prior technical or marketing skills to become an affiliate marketer because within this system you’re taught everything you need to know (step by step).

When your 6 weeks of training are over, you’ll know how to advertise on the largest platforms online, and that’s a skill that’s going to be extremely powerful for many years to come.

Can you follow basic instructions?

As long as you can follow basic instructions, you can learn how to make commissions with the Super Affiliate System.

It will take work, but the skills you need to learn are not very technical skills like coding or anything like that.

Who Is The Super Affiliate System NOT For?

Now that we’ve talked about who the system is for, let’s go through a few questions that will show who the system is not for…

Do you have money to invest in the course and in ads?

Even though the cost of this course is pretty standard compared to other business opportunity courses it is not inexpensive…

I think the cost it totally worth it, but keep in mind that this course has a lot of valuable information in it and that type of information pretty much always comes at a high cost…

In addition to that, running ads will obviously cost you money… Now, John does provide you with $895 worth of coupons to get you started with ads…

…but if you don’t feel comfortable spending money on advertising, I recommend you look into free traffic methods for affiliate marketing.

Again, free traffic methods usually take longer to see results, but if you’re short on cash that’s probably your best option.

Do you have some free time?

Again, the course is 6 weeks long and there is daily homework assigned to help keep you accountable…

If you live a very hectic life, and you’re not going to complete the training, I don’t recommend you spend your hard-earned money on it.

Is The Super Affiliate System A Scam?

This is an easy question for me to answer… No. The Super Affiliate System is not a scam. Often times scammy business opportunity products have a fake spokesperson and make wild claims.

John is a real affiliate marketer who has made a lot of money, and he tells you up front, that you’re going to have to learn and put in the work to see results.

He has hundreds of testimonials from very happy students, and some of his students have even made millions themselves.

In addition to that, John stands behind his product and offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you go through the entire training and are unable to make back your full investment in the system.

Look out for the Super Affiliate System free download…

If you’re searching around online and come across websites claiming to offer the Super Affiliate System as a free download…

…just be aware that the real Super Affiliate System is definitely not free. I don’t know what information you’ll find (if any) if you opt in for for these free downloads, but I recommend you stay away from them.

Super Affiliate System Pros And Cons…


  1. Easy to follow video training

  2. Taught by a world class affiliate marketer

  3. Done for you ad campaigns at your fingertips

  4. Access to John and other marketers when you have questions

  5. Risk free – Money-Back Guarantee


  1. It’s a pricey course (though not as pricey as some others I have seen).

  2. You need to put in the work. As with any real business model, if you want success… you will have to put in the work.

super affiliate system 2.0 review

Super Affiliate System Review – Final Thoughts…

In the end, I think the John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is really fantastic…

  1. It’s easy to follow

  2. The training is very in depth

  3. And you get done for you ad campaigns

Considering that you also get access to John in the form of the private Facebook group and weekly trainings, I think it’s without question the best affiliate marketing course out there right now.

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