Steel Bite Pro

5. Steel Bite Pro

Category: Dental Health ClickBank Nickname: steelbite

Just like some unfortunate teeth out there, this offer is a little spotty. Sometimes Steep Bite Pro is up, sometimes it’s down – but it’s pretty consistently in or near the top 10 products on ClickBank.

If you have an audience who could be in the market for a dental product, you can’t go wrong with Steel Bite Pro.

EPC = $2.26 AOV = $153.75 Starting Commission = 70% Vendor Contact =

Here’s the “hot take” from the ClickBank Affiliate Team:

“Steelbite Pro has been in and out of the Top 10 for the past 5 months and now it’s back again. Featuring great payouts, solid landers, and a great product, this one is an excellent offer to have in your portfolio. Sometimes, enough affiliates can move on from an offer, making it better for those who are still promoting it. That seems to be the case with SteelBite Pro.”

Check out their landing page here.

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