6. Sqribble

Category: E-business ClickBank Nickname: sqribblex

This product is a little bit different, which makes it exciting! Unlike a lot of physical supplements or digital info products, Sqribble is a software tool that helps you create beautiful and professional ebooks with ease.

Totally worth a look if you have any audience in the make money online space.

EPC = $1.77 AOV = $51.70 Starting Commission = 75% Affiliate Tools Page = https://sqribblejv.com/ Vendor Contact = adeel@adeelchowdhry.com

Here’s the “hot take” from the ClickBank Affiliate Team:

“An excellent product for helping write ebooks, this one delivers on its promise and is great for people wanting to get into the MMO (Make Money Online) space. Great for lists and traffic targeting online entrepreneurs, aspiring affiliates, and e-biz traffic.”

Check out their landing page here.

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