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Shark EZ Robot Self-Empty AV911S Vacuum Review

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Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base ... › Shark-AV911S-Self-Empty-Cl...

Vacuum Type Robot Bagless Yes Cordless Yes Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA) No

The Shark EZ Robot Self-Empty AV911S is a robot vacuum with an external dustbin. It's well-built, quite maneuverable, and offers superb battery performance. Cleaning performance on bare floors is good, and it does a great job of sucking up debris on high-pile carpet too. That said, its overall performance on low-pile carpet is mediocre, especially when sucking up fine debris like baking soda from this surface. Many parts need to be regularly cleaned or replaced, so recurring costs are high.

Our Verdict

6.7 Bare Floor

The Shark AV911S is okay for bare floors. It clears pet hair and small debris like rice without an issue, though it struggles somewhat with bulky material like cereal. It feels well-built, has a long battery life, and offers a fairly wide range of automation features, including its self-emptying dustbin. Unfortunately, many parts need regular cleaning. Recurring costs are also high, with many components needing periodic replacing. Also, while it can do a good job of maneuvering itself, it can sometimes identify objects like electrical cords as obstacles to be avoided. PROS

  • Fantastic pet hair cleaning performance.

  • Automatically empties dirt compartment into large external dustbin.

  • Long battery life.


  • High recurring costs.

  • Many parts need to be cleaned regularly.

  • Can get caught on electrical cords.


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Gray Shark EZ Robot Self-Empty AV911S Unavailable

It combines the convenience of a self-empty base with powerful Shark suction for a complete home clean. After each cleaning session,

your robot automatically ... The Shark AV911S is quite hard to maintain as it has many parts that require regular maintenance. Luckily, most parts are easy to access.

  • Dustbin: You can remove the dustbin by pressing the two release buttons at the back of the part. The vacuum automatically dumps accumulated debris into the external dirt bin on the charging dock, but you can empty it yourself if you feel that it's necessary.

  • Dust bin filter: The dust bin filter is located inside the dust bin. You can lift it out by pulling on its release tabs. You should remove any stuck-on debris by hand regularly, but make sure not to wash it under water.

  • Base station dust bin: To access this part, you can press the release button on the top left of the dirt compartment then pull it out from the side. Another button on the side of the dirt bin empties it. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up to roughly 15 days worth of collected debris.

  • Base station dust bin pre-motor filters: To access these filters, you can lift the housing lid on the right side of the base station dust bin and then pull both components out. You should clean them using only cold water once a month. Make sure to let them dry for at least 24 hours before putting it back in its place.

  • Base station post-motor filter: The post-motor filter in the base station can be found behind a filter door on the base station. You should rinse it with cold water once a year. Leave it to air dry completely before reinstalling it.

  • Brushroll: The brushroll can be accessed by removing the brushroll cover. You can remove any stuck-on debris or tangled hair by hand whenever it's necessary.

  • Side brushes: The two side brushes can be simply pulled from their sockets. Check for any accumulated debris once a week and clean them as necessary, either by hand or with a dry cloth.

  • Drive wheels: The drive wheels and their housings should be cleared of any accumulated debris whenever necessary. Make sure to rotate the wheels to ensure full coverage.

  • Front wheel: The front wheel can be simply pulled from its housing, but you may need another tool to get enough leverage. Remove any accumulated dust, dirt, or hair from the wheel and the socket when necessary.

  • Sensors and charging pads: You should dust the sensors and charging pads whenever you notice a buildup of debris.

The Shark AV911S is well-built. It's similar in design to other Shark robot vacuums, like the Shark AI Robot, with a matte-finish hard plastic body and twin drive wheels with rubber treads. Conversely, its hard plastic dirt compartment feels a little flimsy and could break if you drop it. It's easy to assemble out-of-the-box, requiring that you snap its two side brushes into place and place the self-emptying dock station on the including mat. Note that the manufacturer recommends only placing the mat on carpets, as it can slip around on bare floors.

Controller Type: Vera, Amazon Alexa Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Ion Surface Recommendation: Hard Floors & C

Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base ... › Shark-AV911S-Self-Empty-Cl...

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