Relationship Rewrite Method Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

Relationship Rewrite Method – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy…

5 Comments / Relationships / By Eugene Walters / January 11, 2021

Relationship Rewrite Method
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The whole big issue about relationships is something that many people struggle with. According to available research and facts about relationships, many people are not able to keep their relationships.

So, if you are a woman who is feeling insecure and worried that your love might end. Then, this is the guide you need to make everything work. I want to review a product that is meant to improve your life and give you all the answers you need. By the end of this review, you will have known about a product that is going to help you in shaping your relationship.

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It is called the Relationship Rewrite Method by James Bauer. It is an excellent guide for women.

Table of Contents

  1. What is James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method?

  2. Who is the author – James Bauer

  3. How Does the Relationship Rewrite Method Work?

  4. Segments Covered within the Relationship Rewrite Method

  5.  The relationship ratio

  6. Rewriting your man’s emotions

  7. Get rid of the past

  8. Learn how to push his buttons

  9. “Do this, Do That”

  10. Too Late To Turn

  11. Decide If It’s Worth It

  12. My Experience

  13. Making It Work

  14. Your Couple Is Your Reflection

  15. How Does This Work?

  16. Where you can buy Relationship Rewrite Method?

  17. Bottom Line

  18. Pros

  19. Cons

What is James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method?

Well, this is a program that was created for us girls. The system was made to help us make sure that our relationships are healthy and functional. In a nutshell, it does this by showing us things that we can do to make sure that we can change the current direction of our relationships.

With this system, you will be able to know what techniques you can use to correct any situations in your relationship. So, you will get the power to make it right and get it to work. What the Relationship Rewrite Method gives us is a chance to heal the wounds in our relationship.

Basically, this is a good way you can use to revive a relationship that could be dying. I am talking of texts not replied, calls are ignored, and you are not receiving attention

When I used it, I found a lot of useful strategies. Also, the guide has received positive reviews from many users.

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The Relationship Rewrite Method is a very simple guide that was with step-by-methods that a woman could use to make sure that she wins her love back.

Who is the author – James Bauer

John Bauer is the mind behind this amazing system. He is an author who is reputable and known for his amazing work. Also, he is an expert in the dating and relationships area. Moreover, he has done a lot of work that has earned him respect from many authors and people. Look online, you’ll find many happy people with his work.

You see, he’s is not a guy who is just sharing his opinion. He is a serious professional with a very positive track record. In this book, John offers methods that his clients have put to work. In the end, all of them get positive results. So, without a doubt, you can be sure that it will work.

How Does the Relationship Rewrite Method Work?

The Relationship Rewrite Method is a very useful system that is worth buying. It is a legit program that you will not regret buying. Why? Well, for me, seeing that thousands of people left positive reviews, I understood it was worth trying.

Here is how this system works. First, John created the guide with the simplest language and format. With this, he made sure that it was as easy as possible to understand everything that is covered and within the shortest time possible. To improve the learning process, the entire guide is divided into different, progressive steps.


Each step is designed to cover a specific and unique topic. In other guides, it’s easy to get lost, but not here. In essence, it shows you all the possible routes that will make your relationship work and be better.

Segments Covered within the Relationship Rewrite Method

Here are some of the steps covered in this program.

The relationship ratio

Here, you’ll get the basic parts of the guide that will help you in working out a “magic ratio.” Through this part, you will be able to understand your relationship in numbers. Then, you will know how well it can work. It is an approach that is helping women to estimate possibilities of success in their relationships.

Rewriting your man’s emotions

Then, in this part, you’ll set the foundation for what you are about to do. For example, if your man is shifting away from you, then the first thing that you should start with is dealing with his emotions. In this guide, you will understand some of the things that you can do to make sure that you change him.

Learn how to effectively rewrite his emotions. With this, he’ll look back to you within a short time.

Get rid of the past

Do you want to have a clear, new beginning? Do you wish to come up with a new life by making everything that has ever happened in the past go away? Well, this is the part where you will learn how to make that happen.

Learn how to push his buttons

Lastly, this is where you get him hooked to you. You will make him commit and devote himself to you and not think about anyone else. And this is what we want.


“Do this, Do That”

I came to this guide because I was desperate! In the dating world, people assume that everyone knows how to act. To me, it’s as if people believed every relationship is the same.

At first, when I noticed my relationship was getting worse, I remember asking my friends for advice. To my surprise, all of them would tell me a specific thing to do. However, they never asked for details; they never checked to see if I have tried that before. In their minds, things must have gone wrong because I hadn’t tried whatever they thought was correct.

In the end, I felt a little isolated. On the one hand, I had a lot of friends who seemed not to get what I needed. On the other hand, it was not my friends’ responsibility to fix any of this. I didn’t know where to turn.

Too Late To Turn

You know, most of us don’t really know when things start getting out of hand. However, we all know the time when we understood things were already bad.

Things in my relationship were taking a turn for the worse. However, I didn’t really notice until his silence was more obvious than his presence.

In my mind, when I took a step back to look around, it was already late.

My relationship was hurt, and it seemed as if both of us were ready to go.

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Decide If It’s Worth It

Now, of course, this isn’t an easy job. This is a big effort that will take time and patience. So, it’s important to take a step back and see if your relationship is worth it.

How? Well, if there is violence or aggression, that’s a big no. Also, if he’s freeloading from you, just walk away. Love yourself, girl.

However, if it was just life or routine, and you’ve grown apart, then here is the answer you’ve been looking for.

My Experience

Well, as the guide’s title says, this is a method to rewrite your relationship. Now, I know I talk about erasing everything that happened, of course, that’s impossible. However, you can work your way out of it and build the relationship you want.

First, you start by realizing the important events that marked your relationship. Then, the hardest part is to start working on yourself. In the beginning, I thought I was doing everything right and he was to blame.

Now, I was the better half of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean that I was flawless. So, as I started changing, I created a safe space for him to come back.

Making It Work

Later, after he understands that it’s safe to talk to you, he’ll start to change as well. See, relationship dynamics depend on both of you. So, when one of you changes, the dynamics change.

However, this change doesn’t mean that you have to stop being yourself. With this guide, I learned that I can still be angry if he does something stupid. That’s OK. The difference is that there doesn’t need to be drama.

You can feel whatever you feel, get whatever you want, without fighting. Here’s when you start to make it work.

Your Couple Is Your Reflection

Now, as you change, he changes too, but it takes time. Why? Well, especially if you’ve been together for long, he’s going to be expecting the same things to happen every time. If you used to yell when he was out with his friends and didn’t tell you, he’s going to prepare for that.

However, if he tells you, you get angry, but have a different reaction, he’ll have one too. Little by little, you’ll be part of this new dynamic and not know what hit him.

Men think they have it all figured out. They believe that reactions reflect the way people feel. You’ll learn more about that here.

But, you and I know that you can have a world of emotions and channel it smartly.

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How Does This Work?

It’s easy; you have to decide. If it’s more important for you to have a space to react however you want or if you want to have a good relationship.

Here, you can then start taking useful actions. Here’s one example of mine. He used to get mad when I went out with my friends without telling him. However, he would also do that with his friends.

So, I used to get angry myself, not because of him going out, but because there was a double standard. Before this guide, I would discharge all of my anger; that was my priority, get it out. We would fight, he knew how I felt, but solved nothing.

After the guide, I sat down with him one day and said, “I can’t deal with this double standard, so you have to choose what’s it going to be, either we both tell each other, or we don’t. But, I’m not taking any shit from things that you also do.”

We see our friends and keep in touch.

Where you can buy Relationship Rewrite Method?

Relationship Rewrite Method is available on the official website,

Bottom Line

This is the best and most effective system that a woman can use if she wants to rewrite her relationship. What is amazing about the system is that it has been used before and proven to work.

One very clear thing is that you shouldn’t let this opportunity go. It is everything that a woman might require. Yes, it deals with emotions and things we understand. However, it also deals with practical, manly things. The latter are things that most of us don’t command yet as men do.

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