Midas Manifestation Review - Does It Really Work?

Updated: Feb 3

What Exactly Is The Midas Manifestation?

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Created by Vincent, a cultural researcher and linguist, the Midas Manifestation system was designed to help you target your five chakras using proprietary audio tracks, so you can manifest success, wealth, and other things you want in life.

Vincent says he came up with the Midas Manifestation program because of the old book he bought in Egypt. The old book contained drawings of ancient Egyptian gods, mystical incantations, and illustrations.

The Akashic records, which is a record of events in the past, present, and future, were also mentioned in the book. This record is supposedly woven into the fabric of the universe. So, by accessing this record, you’ll get information straight from the universe.

The book contains the exact things you need to do to access the Akashic records. It also talked about the 12 sacred chakras (energy centers of the body), which can affect your ability to manifest if blocked.

Vincent explains he discovered that specific sounds can have a great effect on your chakras. So, armed with this knowledge, he created audio tracks that target specific chakras to help you manifest a life of abundance.

Here is a short summary of how each of the tracks in the Midas Manifestation system can supercharge your chakras for wealth and success:

1. Manifest Destiny (third eye chakra) – This audio uses a frequency of 288 Hz. Don’t skip this because it’s important in the process of directly connecting your brain to the “universal consciousness.”

2. Divine Willingness (crown chakra) – By targeting your crown chakra, it significantly improves your ability to receive wealth from the universe. This audio uses a frequency of 216 Hz.

3. Anahata Bliss (heart chakra) – The heart chakra, if tuned properly, can help you fix negative thought patterns. This audio uses a frequency of 639 Hz.

4. Manipura Consciousness (solar plexus chakra) – If you successfully activate your solar plexus chakra, you can align with your other chakras and achieve a higher state of consciousness. It uses a frequency of 528 Hz.

5. Midas Unleashed (root chakra) – The root chakra is responsible for manifesting success, wealth, and general well-being. This audio uses a frequency of 369 Hz.

In addition to these audio tracks, you’ll also get the following in the Midas Manifestation package:

▪ A quick-start guide – This will teach you the basics of this manifestation program, such as the frequency, timing, and duration of listening to these audio tracks.

▪ “Midas Manifestation Handbook” – This 118-page handbook shares everything Vincent learned from the ancient manuscript he bought. For instance, you’ll discover how to achieve what you want and the secret universal principles (and how you can use them to your benefit).

▪ A 128-page eBook that he created in collaboration with a known hypnotist

▪ “Abundance Blocks Clearing” – This consists of 7 audio tracks that can clear negative blocks and improve your ability to attract love and wealth.

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

Trouble-Free to Use

All you need to do is go to the app, play the audio track you need to listen to, and meditate on it. If you want to know the best ways to listen to the audio tracks, there’s a quick-start guide that you can refer to. That’s how simple it is.

Harness Your Chakras for a Better Life

The Midas Manifestation aims to compress your spiritual energy and cause it to assume shape and form in the real world. And what easier and better way to do that than to tap into your chakras – which give you the power of manifestation – by listening to only five audio tracks that play at specific frequencies.

Clears Negative Energy

The Midas Manifestation program will help your vibrational energy to shake off those negative emotions and beliefs, especially around money and success. In terms of our mental and physical health, we all know that chronic negativity has plenty of undesirable effects. For instance, you’re most likely to get stressed, which, if not managed properly, could impair your immune system, cause hormone imbalances, and whatnot.

Requires Only a One-Time Payment

You don’t need to pay for updates to the program in the future (if any). Plus, they’re currently offering a $10 discount for the Midas Manifestation through this special link.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with the results, or the lack thereof, you don’t need to pay. You’re free to request a refund within sixty days after your purchase.

Note: ClickBank is the distributor of the Midas Manifestation. They’re also responsible for processing refunds.

The Cons

Available for a Limited Group

According to Vincent, he is only offering the complete program to a limited number of customers. At the moment, we still don’t know how many copies of this system have already been sold.

You Must Have the Right Approach

The Midas Manifestation system will not help you if you are going to use it the wrong way. For instance, you might be asking yourself right now, “If all I have to do is listen to these audio tracks to achieve my goals, why do I need to work at all?” Stop thinking that way as soon as you can and focus on things that are really worth your energy.

Offered in “Digital” Option Only

The complete Midas Manifestation system is in MP3 and eBook formats. This isn’t so bad, unless you don’t have a reliable internet connection or enough storage space in your phone, laptop, or other compatible devices. With that said, we still believe it would be nice to have the option to buy a hard copy version of the audio tracks and eBooks.

The Bottom Line

One of the best things about the Midas Manifestation system is you only need to listen to several audio tracks and meditate on them. You can listen to them anywhere, anytime, so you don’t need to make drastic changes to your life fast.

When it comes to manifesting in general, the question of whether it works or not depends on who you ask. Many of Vincent’s clients seem to have found the Midas Manifestation helpful in making their lives better. We believe that it mostly depends on the right approach. If you are going to be skeptical and lazy, this program will probably not help you at all. However, if you are going to put in the required efforts and be patient, then the Midas Manifestation may help you achieve the desired results.

Overall, if you want to enhance your ability to manifest your desires in a simpler way, if you’re interested in harnessing the power of chakra (without taking any certification exam), or if you’re tired of not living your best life, then the Midas Manifestation is a great option for you to consider.

Best of all, with the money-back guarantee that Vincent offers, there is nothing for you to lose…

Well, that’s it for our Midas Manifestation review. We hope you have found the information in this post to be useful.

We wish you only the best 🙂

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