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May 2021 Launch – Fortune Reading Crushes E P C

May 2021 Launch – Fortune Reading Crushes E P C – Do you feel lucky

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Do you feel lucky?

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question before, but please take a moment and ask yourself if you feel as though you are blessed with good luck…

  1. Maybe you’ve won a large sum in a drawing, or scratch off ticket. spiritualist

  2. Maybe you encountered a dangerous situation but managed to walk away unscathed… like a car accident, or a mugging.

  3. Maybe you were born with incredible genes and a vibrant personality ram dass

  4. Maybe you had it easy in relationships and been chased by beautiful people all your life… or you are in a perfect marriage right now.

  5. Maybe you landed a high paying job without trying hard at all, or you were born into a fortune…

All these are examples of a person that would excitedly shout out “YES! I am definitely blessed with good luck…”

But the reality is, most people I’ve asked this question to respond with a resounding NO!

Their life to this point has not felt very lucky at all… spiritual awakening

  1. Instead of an amazing relationship with your soulmate, they’ve found themselves in relationships of control, jealousy and fighting

  2. Instead of winning large sums of money, or being born rich… they’ve struggled their entire lives to pay the bills and make a living

  3. Instead of perfect genes, they’ve been hit with health disorders… less attractive features… or many other insecurities

  4. Instead of barely avoiding that scary car accident… they got t-boned and their car was totalled leaving them injured and in financial straits metaphysical shops near me

The truth is, only a small percentage of people are TRULY LUCKY!

One way or another, a majority of us just haven’t had an easy life at all!

And yet, we’d still like to BELIEVE that our hopes and dreams are possible… and can still come true…

As humans we are hardwired with optimism… because no matter how bad things get in our lives, we stick around hoping that one day soon it will all turn around

Well my dear, today actually IS your LUCKY DAY!…Because in a few moments, I’ll show you a remarkable discovery I made after the darkest moment of my life…

A discovery that helped me go from nearly homeless, jobless, relationship-less, penniless and sickly…

To a well respected leader of an industry, with enough money to live comfortably, a beautiful wife that is a perfect personality match, and 2 amazing children that one day will be incredible leaders themselves.

Back in 2009, I didn’t believe any of this was possible for me. Read More….

Now, what if I was to tell you that being lucky

is actually NOT a coincidence at all And that the reason some people have astonishing luck while most others do not is because of deeply hidden secrets in our universe… Secrets that once were common knowledge… used by the most powerful kings and queens ruling vast empires Secrets that ANYONE, and especially you dear one, can access today and every day into the future to give yourself an unfair advantage over everyone else… Imagine for a moment having the ability to know in advance precisely when opportunities were about to show up in your life…


Imagine knowing that you could…

Meet your soulmate… • Land your dream job… • Avoid a car accident… • Invest at the perfect time

How would this newfound gift change your life today?

Picture how different your life would look right now, if you suddenly became a very lucky person!

How would that make you feel…

Excited? Grateful? Unstoppable?

How would your closest friends and family start looking at you…

With shock… envy,,, maybe hope you’ll share this gift with them too?

In just a moment, as you continue watching this eye opening presentation and reading every word of the secrets I’m about to share with you

You’ll soon discover that “luck” is actually not really about luck at all… but instead harmonizing with the underlying LAWS of the universe So you can interpret messages the Creator is sending every second of every day.

Now before you start saying this is too good to be true, ask yourself…

Have you ever felt an urge, or strange feeling about something before it actually happened?

Almost all of us have had experiences like these in our lifetime, and for some they’ve happened quite frequently

Maybe it was a feeling that someone you knew would call you, out of the blue…

Or that an accident was about to occur on the road…

Maybe you just knew that today was going to be an amazing day the moment you hopped out of bed… and sure enough incredible things happened!

If you had the ability to feel these things BEFORE they actually happened then…

Is it actually so hard to believe that, by understanding this remarkable secret in the universe you could start doing this more often?

And use it to radically change your life, for the better…

You are about to discover a remarkable superpower that can be used to decipher messages from the universe to dramatically change your luck and fortune…

It’s simple to use and anyone can do it,

And how the illusion of TIME AND SPACE appear real when they actually are not.

everything is happening at the same time and even though time seems real, it isn’t.

This is how the oracles were able to see through time.”

And in the past few months of practicing this on myself I exclaimed… it’s making me feel like the luckiest person on earth

Steve asked if he could take home some of the formulas to study them a bit closer and I gladly agreed.

He was skeptical about all this, especially coming from a math and science background.

But the very next day my phone rang and it was Steve

Wow! This stuff is amazing I really wasn’t sure what to think at first but after carefully reviewing these formulas

It’s obvious they are some of the most brilliant works I’ve ever seen…


These oracles were truly amazing, I can’t believe no one knows about this stuff

I then told Steve about my idea of turning this into some sort of program that could be shared with others

Something simple that was easy to use and gave access to all these formulas and readings

So others could start harnessing this amazingly powerful knowledge to become lucky in their life, too

He replied that he didn’t have enough programming knowledge to create something by himself, but he knew someone who could help

And that together they could try to incorporate the formulas into a software program in such a way that would connect directly with the quantum field.

All living beings, all natural phenomenon, and all material objects…

And that by connecting with the source field, we connect with the energy of the universe that is beyond time and space.He said that the word sorcerer was derived from this, and means one who can connect directly with source.

Steve was so excited he began working that week with his friend david to create the first version of the software

It ended up taking them two whole years to create it and work out all of the bugs.

But… When they finally did, the results were mind-blowing!

You don’t need to know the formulas they used.

You don’t even see them. They run in the background of the software.

So all you have to do is enter your birthdate and push a button to get your reading delivered straight from the quantum field!

The astonishingly accurate readings you will receive will almost certainly increase the amount of…

Love, vibrant health, and material abundance pouring into your life right now.

And that’s why this fortune reading software is different than any other tool in existence…

The highly complex quantum equations incorporated into the software are nearly impossible to describe and fully understand

Even my quantum physicist brother will admit that he even needed to seek out help in solving some of the equations while designing this software

But the hard part is done…

Your fortune-reading results are super easy for you to decipher and leverage.

You will only need to enter your birthday and click one button and your personalized reading will be delivered in mere seconds,

Created specifically for you and you alone!

It’s that easy.

And in a moment, I’m going to share unlimited full access of this revolutionary fortune reading software with you

So that you too can…

Acquire the ability to see into your own future like a master oracle

Showing you exactly when and where to make changes in your life…

To go from a life of struggle, hardship, and unpredictability…

To a life filled with vibrant health, abundant wealth, endless gratitude, and a deeply fulfilling love life

All flowing into your life like a mighty unstoppable river

Now I bet you’re beginning to wonder how much you’ll need to invest to have immediate access to this life-transforming reading software…

As you know, I not only paid a lot of money for the initial creation of this with my brother Steve and his friend David, I also paid thousands more to the team of seven programmers who created the new online version you will receive. And I spent years of my life researching all of this and putting it all together for you… Including the hundreds of hours I spent creating these amazing guides for you To make it incredibly simple to use this in the most transformative way possible…So as you can imagine, it would be easy for me to charge you thousands of dollars for this And it would be worth every penny of that if it did just a fraction of what it’s done for me and countless others wouldn’t it? With my lucky oracle reading software, you simply push a button!And in less than 60 seconds, you’ll receive your lucky oracle reading directly from the quantum field for each specific day of your life.I know you’ll be amazed at how spot-on accurate it is Just imagine yourself holding this incredible resource in your hands a few short moments from now What will you do with it’s powerful readings?Will you become rich and famous…Or attract your soulmate..Or maybe like me you’ll go from broke and near death to amazing health and wealthBecause of this, I’m sure you can agree that even if I was to charge $2,500 like my brother recommended it would still be worth the price today And although it would be worth every penny of that and much more, I have fantastic news for you… You won’t invest anywhere close to that today, But first, I want to make this decision an absolute no brainer for you todaySo I’m including a few more powerful additions to the lucky oracle reading software, at no additional costI like to believe the universe rewards those who take action BONUS #1 The first bonus is free access to the lucky oracle reading software for three additional friends, family, or loved ones That’s right! You can share this software with 3 people, anyone you choose… for no additional cost They too can use this powerful tool to login and generate their own readings… and you’ll have covered their tab Imagine how many people you know would want access to this, once they start seeing the results you’ve gotten in your life And now, you can gladly tell them it will cost them absolutely nothing because you’ve taken care of it for them! As if that’s not already more than enough, the 2nd bonus is just as powerful. BONUS #2Today I’m also going to include in your members area portal six guidebooks to help you get the fastest and most beneficial results possible from your readings… The first is the quickstart guide which gives you the details on how to use the software the moment you log-in. Next, I’m including my introduction to fortune telling guidebook to help you go much deeper into peering through time into your own future. I’m also including the history of fortune telling so you can understand the ancient ways that have been used to see through time. The fourth guidebook is called benefits of the universe… It will reveal how you can use universal powers to your advantage by recognizing the language the universe uses to communicate with you. The fifth guidebook, universal powers, explains the secrets to manifesting anything you want… By channeling the power of numerology, tarot, angels, and astrology. It will show you why the information in your readings is so revealing and why you need to study your guidance each and every day. The sixth and final guidebook is the lucky days guidebook. It will reveal the secrets to knowing what your lucky days are and how to best leverage them for the greatest luck possible. I’m sure you can easily see how the virtual oracle fortune-reading software plus all the bonuses I just shared Is worth far more than $2,500 to the lucky ones who have already utilized this programAnd experienced incredible life-transforming results in their own lives. They would each have happily paid that or more Because they have experienced the full loss and regret that happens when making uniformed future decisions Before they were able to utilize the power of their lucky oracle readings.Just ask yourself… how much would you pay to know your future?Ancient kings and rulers paid the equivalent of millions to receive this powerful guidance Think about it, if you pass this up today, how likely is it that you’ll figure this out all by yourself? Isn’t it more likely that you’ll repeat the same patterns you are trying to escape… stuck in the same exact ruts you are in now? Struggling with financial stress… or poor health… a lack of confidence… Unfulfilling relationships And sadly, things just go downhill from there. Because the truth is, the people who seek out help and guidance are the ones who truly live a lucky life And those who do not, will almost always suffer Just look at me, and how the moment I decided to seek guidance and asked for help my whole life transformed quickly I’m sure it must be very clear to you now that having this kind of immense power and control over your destiny Makes $2,500 seem like the deal of a lifetime… But… You won’t even pay half of that today And… Since I know how important your life mission is, I won’t be charging you even a quarter of that… Because… When you take inspired action and click the button below I’ll give you unlimited access for an entire month for just $37! $37 for you and three additional family members, friends, or loved ones When you calculate that per day, it comes out to just 30 cents a day per person! That’s less than a cup of coffee at starbucks I mean seriously, this has to be worth a cup of coffee a day for you doesn’t it… if it can help you even in just one important area Now all you have to do is reach out and grab it. And to make it even easier for you to grab it right now, I’m offering a very select group of people A limited invitation to try this out and create unlimited readings for the next three days… For just $1! Look, this is something I’ve never done before so if you are seeing this available and you are in financial straits I strongly urge you to take action right away! But that’s not all… I want to take all the risk and ensure this is a simple decision for you today.

You see that large buy now button?

When you push it, you’ll have access to this very same luck oracle reading software a few short minutes from now…

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