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Who is the creator of this product, and why should you trust them?

The product has been created by Dr. Charles Livingston. He has dedicated his life to good health and the health of his clients. Livingstone decided to create the 28 day Keto challenge due to the fact that many of his patients are interested in losing many pounds in weeks. This 28 day challenge makes the dreams of his patients come true. You should trust him first because of the positive customer feedback. Many of his clients have proved that the 28 day challenge has worked for them and that the foods that have been suggested in the plan taste delicious. In addition to that, unlike many other diet plans, the 28 day Keto challenge provides its users with a daily plan to carry them through the first critical month. It is usually in the first month that one can lose track quickly, but Keto plan assures its clients that they can go through the first month successfully.

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What is the actual product about, and what does it include?

The actual product is about losing weight naturally without having to exercise. Exercise becomes painful, especially if an individual is carrying so much weight in their body. Also, the diet plan is the secret weapon that everyone needs to stay lean and fit for a long time. Apart from the fact that the Keto diet plan is a plan, it is also a challenge that is meant to stretch its users to extreme levels to see what they are made of. The product includes the basics of the diet, how the plan works, how the product was developed, tips for success, foods to enjoy more. The plan also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to help individuals on how to go about their diet, instructions on how to calculate macronutrients, different styles of intermittent fasting, unique and friendly ways on how to prepare avocados among others.

What problem can the product help solve?

Most of the time, people who are eager to lose eight get psyched up in the first few weeks. This is the time where they follow instructions to the latter, eat healthily, drink water, exercise a lot, and are cautious about what they eat. It never takes long before these individuals lose track of what they started doing. This is usually because these individuals have no diet plan to help them maintain their everyday practices without back sliding. The 28 day Keto challenge helps solve this problem by providing its users with a diet plan that keeps them on track. In addition to that, exercising frequently can be hard when one is new to the routine. Well, this is where the Keto challenge comes in. No exercise is required to facilitate weight loss. All that is required of the plan users is to follow the instructions carefully, and see tremendous results within weeks.

What is the format of the product, and what do you get?

The product comes in the form of an eBook that is delivered digitally on purchase. This is to help the users to start the plan immediately without having to wait for the physical delivery of the product. In addition to that, the diet is 100% risk free, giving the users assurance that there is no need to worry when using the plan. Purchasing the 28 day Keto challenge comes with ten expert guides that educate and inspire the users. The guides contain the basics of the keto plan; how it was developed, how the plan works, thirteen tips for success and foods that one enjoy more. In addition to that, there are also guides on eating well with Keto, mastering your macronutrients and maintaining proper ratios, different styles of intermittent fasting, how to deal with social pressures, guilt free desserts that satisfy one's appetite while keeping them on the keto diet, among other guides.

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Who is the product intended for, and is it actionable?

The product is intended for anyone who wants to stay lean and fit without the pressure of having to exercise on a daily basis. It is a weight loss program that consists of healthy meal recipes that are easy to follow, and guides that channel the users towards the right direction. The product provides even the meals that are mostly preferred by the clients, without them losing track on their ketosis. The product is also suitable for individuals who are heavy weight. This is because exercising when you are heavy weight can be uncomfortable and painful to you as an individual. The 28 day Keto challenge relieves the exercising pain by providing you with solutions to weight loss without pain. In the end, individuals achieve satisfaction and positive results by not falling into peer pressure and unhealthy habits.

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