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This Comprehensive multimedia program by Shelly Manning is a 21-day step-by-step guide with strategies on healing your arthritis. According to the author, this is more like a daily session with her.

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Cure Arthritis Naturally

Cure Arthritis Naturally Program

I believe this is the first question running through your minds. You all want to know if it’s possible to reverse and cure arthritis using natural remedies. The truth is, to some extent, you can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis through natural remedies. There are herbs and natural ingredients that can help get rid of the symptoms of arthritis, bringing about a healing effect on the patients. That is precisely what this program is all about.  It’s meant to bring hope and improve the quality of life of the people suffering from the different kinds of arthritis through the use of natural ingredients.

Every program or product has a creator. In this case, Shelly Manning is the creator of this particular product. Having benefitted immensely from it, she decided to help others who might have gone through the same pain and suffering as a result of this condition.

Shelly gives us a short story of how it all began and her journey to healing arthritis which ultimately enabled her to live a better life. After her husband left her due to the condition, she called out of work and decided to travel to Asia. She ended up in Hong Kong, and that’s where she found the life-changing Chinese restaurant.

By life-changing I mean, the restaurant is where she met a Chinese woman who gave her a special kind of Chinese tea and a bowl of strange-smelling soup. Apparently, that tea and soup turner her life around. She tells us that immediately after drinking the tea and eating the soup, she immediately felt better.  The pain disappeared, her joint loosened, and her energy was rejuvenated.

The Chinese woman is named Janerdquo, and her restaurant is meant to give people access to a healthy lifestyle. From what the author has to tell us, this Chinese restaurant prepares meals with healing herbs and ingredients to enable people to have a healthier lifestyle.  According to the author, she got wisdom and teachings from Janerdquo and those are what the program is centered on together with scientific research.

What The Product Is About

The product is a 21-day step-by-step guide with strategies on healing your arthritis. According to the author, this is more like a daily session with her. Think of it like sitting in an office and having a one on one with the author. For the 21 days, Shelly Manning will lead you through each and every one of the steps that are required for you to successfully overcome the arthritis.

With that said, on each one of the days, you get an extra step that will be useful in the effectiveness of your overall strategy. The mini-steps incorporated into your 21-day strategies come in different forms. They are considered to be minor changes that will build-up and grow into major changes in getting rid of your arthritis. For instance, in the mini-steps, it could be that you should remove one ingredient from your food and instead add another.

I will have to point out that this will only work if you are cutting off the unhealthy food ingredients in your diet and replacing them with the healthier ones. There are definitely some kinds of foods that cause inflammation hence worsening the symptoms of arthritis. For that reason, I can see that this is an effective strategy that will go a long way in your journey of defeating arthritis.

She also mentions that another part of the program may be to introduce about three minutes of a specific exercise which she will teach the audience. I don’t think many people with arthritis even attempt to exercise due to the joint pain. Therefore, this is something new that can immensely help in the healing process.

Like I said earlier, all of the steps and strategies in the program are centred on the teachings from Janerdquo and scientific studies from all round the world. Furthermore, the author argues that in many of the cases, arthritis is caused by our lifestyles and not genetic factors. Thus it can easily be reversed if people opt to make the right changes in their lifestyles.

Can This Product Help To Reverse Your Arthritis?

Isn’t this why we are all here? People want to know for sure whether there will be any benefits of following through with this program or if it will be a total waste of time. The author says that it has worked for her. She even got some of her friends and family on board and she tells us that it has worked for them too. But is there anything else to back her claims? Are there people who have used the program and experienced the same positive effects that are touted in the program?

Well, I took the time to do some research online and found positive reviews about the program. There are former arthritis patients who have come forward to attest to it that the product has helped them overcome arthritis. Well, there is no better way to determine the effectiveness of a product than hearing it right from the horse’s mouth. Also, when you take a look at the 21 day strategies guide, it’s easy to see that a lot of work has gone into it to make the product useful to the users.

How The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy Works

The program is basically a 21-day blueprint with all the information and details that you need to follow for wonderful results. The blueprint is made up of secret natural ingredients and foods that work in combating arthritis and its associated symptoms. It also gives insights on the importance of the omega 3 fatty acids.

You are required to follow the program correctly so that the recovery process can begin. With that said, this program puts more emphasis on lifestyle changes and the importance of following through with a healthy diet within the 21 days.

The reason why this program is considered to be extremely useful to the people who have been suffering from arthritis is the fact that it addresses the problem from its root. More often than not, it’s our lifestyle choices that put us at risk of developing chronic health conditions such as arthritis. The program acknowledges this, and that’s why much of the focus is put on lifestyle changes.

Through the program, people can make changes to their poor lifestyles and habits in exchange for a healthier life. As a result, this combats the underlying causes of arthritis and eliminates it for good.

Aside from that, you get ideas on great food that contains lots of healthy nutrients and vitamins. These foods will play a key role in your recovery and the journey to finally defeat this condition. Keep in mind; you may not notice immediate results.  The recovery process takes place gradually as you continue to uphold a healthy diet and good lifestyle.  Therefore, some people might actually need to take medication to relieve pain while still undergoing the program.

Features Of The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy Program

The author of this program shows how changes in our daily diets and lifestyles can actually yield great results in arthritis pain. The entire program is based on the healing properties of natural ingredients which when taken in the right proportions and at the right time can help loosen stiff joints enhancing flexibility within a short period.

Many of the ingredients used in the program are available in the local grocery stores. Therefore, all you have to do is eat the right foods and avoid the ones that may cause trouble in your body. According to shelly, there are certain foods that lead to inflammation and hence worsening the symptoms of arthritis. That’s why she introduces to the audience a range of foods and vitamins that work to reverse arthritis and bring about relief from its symptoms.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s in the book;

Chapter 1: How I can beat the most common diseases in American without drugs.

Chapter 2: A little word called arthritis. What it is, what it does and why so far nothing has worked.

Chapter 3: How inflammation causes arthritis.

Chapter 4: What a moose taught scientists that the Chinese knew for many centuries.

Chapter 5: Arthritis cure in a pill? Which vitamin is a must?

Chapter 6: Omega-3 fatty acids; your new best friends and arthritis worst enemy.

Chapter 7: Superfoods that drop inflammation and destroy arthritis.

Chapter 8: Lose weight to lose arthritis.

Chapter 9: Exercising with arthritis, it’s possible.

Chapter 10: Yoga and Thai Chi for arthritis.

Chapter 11: Everything under the rising sun; Ancient Asian arthritis cures that work.

Chapter 12: Wrapping up.

Who Can The Product Help?

Basically, this product is intended for the people who have been suffering from arthritis and want to try something new other than the typical medication. Therefore, if you are suffering from any kind of arthritis, this product is for you. Actually, the 21 day step by step arthritis strategy program is meant to aid in the healing process of different types of arthritis including;

  1. Osteoarthritis

  2. Psoriatic arthritis

  3. Fibromyalgia

  4. Rheumatoid arthritis

  5. Gout

The Format Of The Program

The program guide essentially comes in book and PDF format. Some people will opt to get just the ebook and access the different elements of the program while others may opt to have the actual book mailed to them. The guide contains all the information that you need to learn more about the disease and eventually overcome it.

Pros And Cons Of The Step By Step Strategy Program

Well, there are definitely benefits that you are likely to reap from this program.


It’s a natural kind of treatment. If you have grown tired of taking the arthritis medications for years, a completely natural remedy is right here. This program focuses on curing arthritis using the natural foods and ingredients.

Based on scientific research. The program itself is centred on 47 scientific studies picked from all over the world. For this reason, you can have more faith in its effectiveness, considering the solutions are backed by science.

There are no side effects. Many of the drugs and treatments for arthritis have side effects. The good thing about this product is that it has absolutely no side effects thanks to its natural abilities.

Promotes weight loss. Aside from curing arthritis, the solutions in this program help in weight loss by showing you how to eat healthily.

Long lasting effects. This program is meant to address arthritis right from the root cause of the condition. This is what makes its healing effects long-lasting. You will no longer have to suffer from joint stiffness and pain.

Excellent support round the clock. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything concerning the program, there is online support 24/7.


There is really nothing to complain about on this program. So many people are happy with the results they experienced after buying and using the guide. Its contents are easy to follow, and that’s what makes it popular. The only issue may be the fact that the book can only be bought online and downloaded in PDF format.

Is It A Scam?

The truth is the world is realizing the benefits of cures and solutions derived from nature. Take a look around, and you will realize that many people actually appreciate the importance and use of natural remedies in the treatment of different health conditions.

There are daily tasks and strategies in the guide that are not only simple to follow but actually show wonderful results. You can tell the effectiveness of this product from the positive reviews left by all the people who have tried it, and it worked for them. Therefore, this is not guesswork but a tried and tested solution that the arthritis patients have been looking for all these years. It is exactly what you need to overcome arthritis once and for all.

Yes, I Want Cure Arthritis Naturally!


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