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Tea Burn Reviews: Tea Burn is a 100% safe & natural proprietary, a patent-pending formula designed to increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism. Official Website: Click Here What is Tea Burn? Tea Burn is an all-natural product designed to enhance metabolism. While many slimming tea products are on the market, Tea Burn is different because it is not a tea by itself. Instead, this product is an additive to your tea; you add the contents of tea burn into your prepared tea for it to have an effect. While the product has not yet been fully patented, it boasts an effective full-scale rate. The product is also said to do more than just speed up the rate of metabolism; it also reduces hunger, serves as an energy booster, and burns off excess fat. How Does Tea Burn Work? The working of this product is based on two important effects that it induces, and these effects work hand in hand. First, tea Burn increases the speed of metabolism, and it also increases the efficiency of metabolism. The faster the rate of metabolism, the faster matter is digested; this is how the efficiency of metabolism is achieved. Top Burn boasts that this formula they’ve created can do just that; increasing the speed of metabolism, and hence the efficiency. It is for this reason that they are confident in its slimming effect. Also, other components of the product are supposed to be responsible for burning off excess fat and serving as energy sources. So let’s look at the ingredients that make up this product. List of Ingredients in Tea Burn We’ll take you through the compounds that make up the Tea Burn formula and how they operate in your body. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG):

  • Epigallocatechin Gallate is a compound that is commonly found in green tea. This compound was extracted from green tea and used in the production of Tea Burn because of its active effect on weight loss in the gut. When EGCG is absorbed into the bloodstream, it induces a stimulating effect that leads to an increased breakdown of certain compounds in the body, such as blood cholesterol, fatty components (triglycerides), and insulin.

  • EGCG also has a specific site nature, such that its effect is mainly localized around the stomach. EGCG leads to the breakdown of visceral fat, which refers to the excess fat stored in the belly.

Chlorogenic Acid (CGA):

  • This component of Tea Burn is obtained from coffee beans, and research shows that CGA is a type of phenolic acid. This compound has different effects on the body, including; antioxidative effects, anti-inflammatory effects, neuroprotection, hypolipidemic, and hypoglycemic effects.

  • CGA is a major component of Tea Burn for its effect on glucose absorption. This compound inhibits glucose absorption; when glucose is broken down in the body, it can be stored as adipose tissue or excess fat. However, when there is a limited amount of glucose present for absorption and further digestion, there will be less fat in the body, and the body will begin to break down any excess fat present.


  • Chromium is one of the elements needed by the human body in little doses, and it is often referred to as trace elements. There are a lot of controversies surrounding the use of chromium as a nutritional supplement. However, research has shown that this compound is effective in glucose and fat synthesis.

  • Chromium can exist in chromium (VI) and chromium (III). Studies have shown that Chromium(VI) can be very dangerous to humans, given that it has carcinogenic properties. However, Chromium (III) ligands such as propionate, histidine, and more have shown positive effects in cases of type 2 diabetes.

  • Chromium(III) affects glucose digestion; it reduces the rate at which glucose can be converted into fatty tissue and facilitates the breakdown of excess fat.


  • L-carnitine is not a compound that exists freely on its own or can be extracted in a lab. Instead, the production of L-carnitine is stimulated by the digestion of certain amino acids; L-lysine and L-methionine. These parent amino acids are present in Tea Burn.

  • L-carnitine plays an important role in fatty acid metabolism; the compound serves as a transport mechanism. L-carnitine moves bonds of fatty acids to specific sites called mitochondrial matrices; at this site, designated cells break down the fatty acid and transform it into energy, or ATP.


  • L-Theanine is a nonproteinic amino acid found in green tea. While this compound might not have any pronounced effect on fat metabolism or slimming effect, it is still relevant in a myriad of other functions.

  • Research has shown that L-theanine plays a major role in stress relief, brain performance, sleep, heart performance, and cold. The release of L-theanine into the bloodstream affects certain organs, especially the brain and the heart. This effect causes an improvement in cognitive abilities; it induces clarity. Also, the amino acid affects the heart rate, causing it to be more regulated and stable.

  • The L-Theanine present in Tea Burn is one of the major compounds responsible for the other advertised effects. L-Theanine also induces sleep in some cases, making Tea Burn a good agent of rest.

Benefits of Tea Burn: From the breakdown of the ingredients, we can see some effects expected from the consumption of Tea Burn. We’ll still go further to pick out the benefits; Improved metabolism:

  • Due to the presence of ingredients such as; CGA and EGCG, these compounds have the physiological effect of stimulating metabolism.

  • This effect means your food will digest faster and easier. It also means a reduced rate of constipation and heartburn.

Removal of excess fat:

  • EGCG is responsible for increasing the rate of metabolism and also stimulating the digestion of excess fat around the visceral region (the stomach area). Also, L-Carnitine is responsible for the increased transport of fatty acid chains to the site where they are broken down.

  • The combined effect of these compounds and other related metabolites contribute to the breakdown of the excess fat in different areas of your body. Research has shown that these compounds have resulted in weight loss with extended use, and they are also safe to use.

Increased energy output:

  • When fat is broken down, it goes through a series of processes, and the fat ends up as energy or ATP. ATP refers to the unit of energy in the body or an energy-carrying complex.

  • Due to the increase in metabolism and breakdown of excess fat, there will always be a constant energy output. As a result, you will feel an extra surge in your energy level compared to before.

Other benefits: The three mentioned above are the more obvious benefits; however, there are other advantages of using Tea Burn;

  • Increased neurological protection

  • Better sleeping pattern

  • Improved cardiovascular system

  • Reduced appetite

  • Lower glucose absorption.

More about Tea Burn Tea Burn is purely an organic product, all the ingredients are gotten from naturally occurring materials. Also, it is safe to use for vegetarians since there is no genetically modified organism present in the production. Furthermore, this product is completely free of gluten, and there is no risk of gaining extra fat from using it. Tea Burn also has no side effects, and you can use it constantly as you like. Tea Burn has been tested in other labs and third-party facilities, and has earned the approval of the FDA and GMP; this speaks for the integrity of the product. Pricing of Tea Burn: Tea Burn has been made extremely affordable for all consumers, and there are three budget-friendly packages to pick from; There is one pouch package, and this package contains enough of the product to last for 30 days. This package originally goes for $197, but you can now get it for $49, including the shipping fee. The second package is a three-pouch deal; you get three pouches of Tea burn for as low as $117, shipping included. This package contains 90 days supply of the product, and it comes at a reduced cost. The third package is the 6-pouch offer. You can get 6 pouches of Tea Burn for $204, at a low rate of $34 per pouch. This package contains 180 days’ worth of the product. However, these offers are available for a limited time, you can visit here to learn more. How to use Tea Burn? Using Tea Burn is easy; tea burn is made to be added to your tea. All you need do is prepare your tea to your taste, and add a packet of the product. The great part of Tea Burn is; it is completely tasteless and doesn’t alter the color of your tea. How effective is Tea Burn? With consistent use of this product; you are expected to start seeing results within 60 to 180 days of use. However, this result is based on how diligent the product is used. Return offer on Tea Burn Tea Burn offers you a deal that you hardly come across; this product has a policy that allows you to return it after 60 days, for any reason at all. Also, you will get a refund within two days of you return the product How to get a Tea Burn product? Tea Burn has eliminated the need for intermediaries, and the product is available for immediate shipping. You access information for ordering and also make orders on the website here. Tea Burn Reviews – Conclusion Tea Burn has come up with a formula that stands out; this product offers both slimming effects and overall improvement to your health. In addition, you can add the product to your tea since it adds no taste or color change. The ingredients present in this product have been carefully analyzed above, and you can see how they take effect when consumed.

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