7 day prayer miracle review !

Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review – Is It Any Good?

7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 day prayer miracle review

What Exactly Is The “7 Day Prayer Miracle”?

Created by Amanda Ross, an author, the “7 Day Prayer Miracle” is a unique course which shares powerful prayers that were designed to give you the “Vibration Wings,” so you can get what you desire, such as loving relationships, freedom from depression or anxiety, material abundance, and so on.

Amanda says that your life’s troubles (money problems, troubled relationship, health problems, etc.) are not your fault. That’s because the human brain is wired to vibrate at a lower frequency, meaning, to attract negativity. This is our survival instinct—to protect ourselves from danger or harm.

A great way to counter this and turn your life around is through prayer. To be more specific, Amanda Ross suggests you use the “Prayer of Daniel,” which supposedly came from the Archangel Michael. He appeared to Amanda twice as a bookstore employee.

So, what can the prayers that you will find in the 7 Day Prayer Miracle guide do for you?

Amanda claims they could:

• Change your mindset, as well as help you deal with your mental health issues • Cause a few changes to your DNA’s shape (not a joke) • Transform you into the best version of yourself

Prayer produces more long-lasting results than conventional techniques, such as guided meditation and affirmations, according to Amanda. One of the reasons she cited is it’s scientifically proven to help you enter the theta state.

The theta state is a dreamlike brain state that gives you access to your unconscious or subconscious mind. Some of the benefits of the theta state are anxiety and stress reduction, physical healing, improved immune system function, deep relaxation, and enhanced creativeness.

The main guide is accompanied by the “7 Day Prayer Journal.” Journaling will help increase the capacity of your mind to receive blessings. To give you an example, if you want to let go of unforgiveness, you can skip to Day 2.

When purchasing the 7 Day Prayer Miracle course by Amanda Ross, you’ll also get four free bonuses:

The “A Song of Shifts” (mp3 format) • The “Divine Hearing” book • The “Divine Numbers” book • “The Prayer of Daniel” book

Click Here For More Information About These Four Bonus Items!

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The Pros and Cons of the “7 Day Prayer Miracle”

The Pros

Helpful to the Mind and Body

If you don’t pray, now’s the best time to do it. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a god or not. Praying can improve your mental health, such as lowering levels of stress or anxiety, which in turn helps you prevent certain physiological health problems.

Useful and Simple to Implement

Amanda Ross used simple words for explaining the concepts and giving the instructions. All you need to do is to go through the prayers and say them word for word. Then, wait for the results.

Transforms Your Outlook in Life

As they say, if you change the way you think, you’ll change your world. Studies show that prayer is one of the perfect ways to have a positive outlook in life. We’ve all heard stories of people overcoming obstacles in life and achieving almost impossible things because of the power of prayer.

Free Reports with Quality Information

Regardless if you believe in angels or not, the bonus reports that come with the 7 Day Prayer Miracle guide will surely pique your interest. If you like numbers and knowing the meaning behind them, you’d like the “Divine Numbers” book. “The Prayer of Daniel” is the same 476-word prayer that helped Amanda Ross solve her life problems, such as her turbulent married life, and to win the lottery.

She Stands by Her Product

Just read and use the prayers in the 7 Day Prayer Miracle book. Be sincere and consistent. If despite your best efforts you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, simply email Amanda Ross and her support team within sixty days. They promise to give you back every penny you spent.

The Cons

The Religious Theme Isn’t for Everyone

This is obviously not for people who aren’t religious or don’t believe in a Higher Power. However, some believers might cringe or feel offended by the concept behind this book or some of the ideas Amanda presented.

Not a “Wishing Machine”

This won’t make your desires come true just by merely thinking of them. That would be great, but we don’t think it can grant otherworldly wishes. If you’re going to purchase this, it’s best to take a realistic, open-minded approach.

No Physical Version Available

All of the materials inside the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program are in eBook and MP3 formats.

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7 day prayer miracle review

The Bottom Line

Prayers are not a new concept. Many people pray, perhaps including you.

So, do you really need the “7 Day Prayer Miracle”?

We believe you don’t need to be religious to benefit from this course. In a way, this is quite similar to the concept of the Law of Attraction (LOA), but the author uses a different approach. So, if you’re an LOA practitioner, you might want to check this out.

The great thing about this is Amanda Ross guarantees your money. You can request to get it back within sixty days, which we believe is enough time to determine if these prayers truly work or not.

Overall, if you feel like there’s something missing in your prayer life, if you’re perpetually curious about angels and a divine power, or if you just want to know if the Prayer of Daniel works, then the “7 Day Prayer Miracle” is a great option to consider…

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