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The Fast Tracks System

By Kenneth Fillmore on Mon, 23 Nov 2020 | Email Marketing Master Course

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The 1K a Day Fast Track system is a six weeks step-by-step guide with all the details potential affiliate marketers need to make money through affiliate marketing on ClickBank and Other similar sites.

  1. Creator: Merlin Holmes

  2. Contents: online course

  3. Official Website: clickbank.net


The Fast Tracks

Merlin Holmes is the author and the creator of this amazing program. Merlin is an affiliate marketer who promises that affiliate marketers can make more than 150 million dollars through affiliate marketing. He claims that personally he makes more than this amount through simple affiliate marketing tips shared in the program.

Merlin also claims that he had already tried to make money through other methods and failed. He was once a network marketer, an MLM member and a sales man and all in all didn’t make significant amount of money from these methods.

However, it’s important to note that there are fewer proofs and evidence to these claims. There’s no evidence to whether the author makes the money he claims and if yes whether the methods shared on his program can equally help you. The only evidence this author shares are screenshots that he shares on his affiliate networks such as ClickBank. However, this doesn’t mean the author is a scammer. He’s a known affiliate marketer and he equally offers live support. But there are some few red flags.  By claiming that he’s a well-established affiliate marketer means that his name should at least appear on ClickBank’s leader board. The top 10 affiliates are listed here.

Moving on, even if the author makes the money he claims to make, it’s clear that this is not all profit. The methods he shares on his program are reliant on the paid tools and paid advertisement which means you need to invest a lot of money before you get the profits.

What is 1k A Day Fast Track?

This is an instructional training course that has gained publicity because of its simplicity and effectiveness in teaching people to make money through affiliate marketing. The tactic here is to promote products that other people owns and get a commission out of it. The author, Merlin Holmes promises that even beginners can benefit from this product. They can earn a whooping amount of more than $1,000 every day using the simply explained methods. The instructions and methods are generally sent through email messages and on a simple 2-page website.

How does the 1K a Day Fast Track work?

According to the author, the program relies on affiliate marketing to earn the money. Firstly, affiliate marketing is a legit method of earning money. The method allows people to make money by promoting other people’s products through unique links known as affiliate links. When consumers click on your affiliate links to buy the product, the marketer will earn an affiliate commission through the links.

The author claims that this is his favorite method of earning money. He continues to explain that there are equally many other ways of doing this. You can build your own website and create content to promote the specific products by on-site advertisement or sharing your affiliate links. Besides owning a site, there are many other methods of earning commissions through affiliate marketing without having a website. Most affiliate marketers use YouTube marketing or social media marketing to advertise their affiliate products. Merlin Holmes uses a specific method in his program that is explained below.

Finding the Top affiliate offers on Affiliate Networks & Use Their Sales Page to create The adds

This is the first step that is explained in this program. The author says that to do this, users can go to an online marketplace such as ClickBank and check the current offers. You should check the sales pages that are doing well. From that, you can create your own banner ads.

Create a compelling poll that would initiate small actions

The second step according to the author is to create compelling Poll that will initiate small actions such as Clicking on One of the Options. The author elaborates that this step mainly relies on curiosity, micro-commitment principles and interactive marketing. What this means is that you should make the potential audience interact with the ads and take action even if it means clicking on any Button.

The customers enter their emails and Get redirected to the specific offer that you are promoting

This is where the potential customers will be asked to create an account by easily entering their email addresses. After this, the customer will be redirected automatically to the sales page. The most important thing is that you now have their emails in a list that you are building using an autoresponder such as GetResponse.

After buying the product, the marketer will make money instantly

After the customers are redirected to the sales page, the customer will have the opportunity to either buy or leave the age. If the customer clicks to checkout on a certain product, you will automatically make a commission.

What does the 1K a Day Fast Track Include?

This six weeks step-by-step guide has all the details potential affiliate marketers need to make money through affiliate marketing. The six weeks module contains the below topics and sub-topics.

  1. How to get Quick $400 Commission During the First Few Days as a Beginner

  2. Setting up More Commission Accounts and putting everything in place

  3. Development of your first Poll

  4. Creating your Automated Selling Systems

  5. Creating your first Money Making Ad

  6. Planning Out Future Income Streams and much more.

The topics and subtopics are subdivided in weeks from Week #1 to week #6.

Is The 1K a Day Fast Track system Legit?

This is the first question that most people usually have whenever they come across such an opportunity. In this regard, The 1K A Day Fast Track System is a legit program with all the tips and tricks to make money through Affiliate marketing. Unlike other Affiliate Marketing programs, Merlin teaches people how to make money through the use of interactive landing pages. The customers will be left with fewer options. The method is proven to work. Additionally, the program focuses on using unpopular display advertising platform that doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

The Merlin Holmes program works but you need to understand it perfectly and put the effort and time to make it work for you. In my humble opinion, if you want to purchase the 1K a Day Fast Track training course, you should be meticulous and implement all these tips and tricks.

What I liked about 1K A DAY Fast Track System

  1. Its legit

  2. It’s about Affiliate Marketing which has been proven to work

  3. The author is legit

  4. The interactive landing pages is an effective method of making money through Affiliate marketing

  5. The Free Webinar teaches you new methods of making money

  6. The tricks are easy and straightforward

What I don’t like about The Fast Track

  1. The refund policy is not clear

  2. The conditions to keep you in the program are not the best

  3. Use of Expensive tools

  4. Some of the methods are not beginner friendly

Does This Program Work For Beginners?

Yes, the author claims that beginners can earn money through the methods explained in this program. However, the fact that Marlin teaches Paid ads as a method proves that it can be a little difficult for beginners. But the product works for beginners if they put on the right energy.

Yes, I Want The Fast Tracks!


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