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By Kevin Brewer on Sat, 10 Apr 2021 | Email Marketing Master Course

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Are you a newbie interested in online business? 1K A Day fast track is here for you. Get the tactics, techniques, and secrets of succeeding as a marketer selling other people’s products.

  1. Creator: Merlin Holmes

  2. Contents: online course

  3. Official Website: clickbank.net


1K A Day Fast Track is a training course designed to help complete newbies make money online. If you are interested in making money online but have no clue how to go about it, then this is the training course for you. The program takes 6 weeks, and each covering a module. Also, the information you will learn from the program revolves around using the website, which is 2-paged and contains yes-no questions to sell other people’s products. The items that you will sell are from ClickBank. Also, you will discover how to build your email subscribers in the process. Nonetheless, the method used here has been proved to be working for many affiliate marketers, therefore, it is nothing new. Interestingly, it has been applied by the tutor himself. The results? Well, he has managed to earn up to 8 figures annually. He, therefore, urges his users to use the exact steps in his course. Additionally, there are templates, and ads already provided. This means that you won’t need to spend time making your own. Moreover, there is some good news in store, you can get started with the 1K A Day Free Webinar which is highly recommended. In this article, we will review 1K A Day Fast Track. Keep reading to find out if you can use the course in your affiliate marketing.

The Creator

1K A Day Fast Track was created by Merlin Holmes, a multi-million online business owner. He is also the tutor of the course. Merlin comes from Colorado, has his website, and has generated millions of revenue. He ventured into the world of online business back in 2005. Additionally, Merlin emphasizes that the training he offers on online marketing is not his main job, nor the reason behind his huge profits. All these are majorly attributed to his business online. Therefore, you can see that the creator is very successful, thanks to his online business. This could be you. All you need to do is follow his exact steps in his course.

How Does It Work?

Merlin’s 1K A Day Fast Track is based on copy-paste. Therefore, as the user, you don’t do a lot of work. It uses a 2-paged website as the sales funnel. It is simple and proven to work. As a user, you will then need to advertise the website using second-tier advertisement networks. Remember, you will be promoting ClickBank products. therefore, you don’t need to create yours to get started. You get to promote the products the moment you generate leads using this website. Additionally, the website has a yes-no section where the web visitors and viewers click. For every click, the results are sent to the visitor’s email address. This is automated and will arouse interest and curiosity since the person would want to know the results. He or she will then be directed to your page. Eventually, when a viewer purchases a product, you will earn commissions.

Does It Work?

Merlin’s course promises to work even for beginners. Moreover, there are screenshots of Merlin’s earnings using the same system. Therefore, it is a method that is effective. However, those with an existing online presence seem to be at a higher chance of achieving the promised results compared to complete beginners in affiliate marketing. Also, the results differ with every individual. Therefore, you can research member’s testimonials and reviews on this program before buying it.

The Problems Solved

The following are some of the problems you are promised to solve once you use what you learn from the course;

  1. Not having enough money to cater to all your needs.

  2. Wanting to know more about affiliate marketing.

  3. Looking for information about email marketing.

  4. Looking for a side income to boost the one you get from your formal job.

  5. Not loving the kind of job or boss you currently have.

  6. Wishing to have money to spend and visit places and even own property among others.

  7. Not being able to earn passive income.

The Benefits

With this course, you are promised the following benefits;

  1. Earning lots of money with only spending a few hours working per week.

  2. Merlin promises to help you discover how to make thousands of dollars daily in commission.

  3. You can use this program to earn some extra money if you keep your full-time job.

  4. You are reminded by the creator to stick to your main goal; making money. This can keep you focused and strive to attain the promised results.

  5. You can spend fewer hours making money using this course.

  6. You will discover tricks, techniques, and tactics about making money online that you probably might not have known before.

  7. You will learn about the right product to sell to get the desired earnings. Plus, you will be taught about those that are popular and why they sell.

  8. This course will help you discover headlines that will capture the potential clients’ attention.

  9. The money you will make from what you discover in this course will help you meet your needs and even go to places that you might have only dreamt of.

Who Can Use It?

Have you ever wanted to make money online but didn’t know where or how to begin? 1K A Day Fast Track is here for you. This is the training course with templates and ads that can help you in affiliate marketing. Also, if you don’t want to produce your products but still make money, this is for you. Plus, are you tired of the procedures and time involved with clients and selling? This could be your breakthrough. Remember, even if you have no experience or skill; a total newbie, this is a friendly course, it will help you. Also, if you just want a source of a side income, you can use the course.

How To Access It

Having watched the free webinar, you might want to access the full course. Well, you can purchase the training course from the official website. Additionally, your payment includes some amazing bonuses from the creator.


  1. The program is newbie-friendly.

  2. It is profitable.

  3. Saves time. You only spend a few hours making money.

  4. The free webinar allows one to decide whether to purchase the course or not.

  5. There is an autoresponder and sales funnel templates provided which make work easier for the user.

  6. A good course for beginners to learn affiliate marketing quickly.

  7. There are bonuses.

  8. It is risk-free.

  9. The course provides an effective way of earning.

  10. The number of weeks set for training help beginners with the needed information.

  11. It offers the needed information on how one can make money online using email marketing.

  12. The method used is a simple one.


  1. The price of the course could be too high for some people. Not every beginner can afford that.

  2. There is no room for you to personalize and customize the course. The creator asks you to follow the exact steps he used.

  3. Others might consider the introduction webinar to be too long. However, the information in it is important.

  4. In case you don’t get the promised results because of not following the steps, the creator is not accountable.

  5. There is no room for you to try things on your own. There are templates already available. This might lock you out of creativity.

  6. The systems with done-for-you services may not be appropriate in the long run. Eventually, if you are interested in the business, you will need to know a skill or two in the field, not get everything ready for you.

  7. One must also budget for running the ads.

  8. The results of the creator are not typical, therefore, beginners shouldn’t expect the same.

My Final Thoughts

If you are interested in online business, specifically email marketing, then you can give this program a try. Plus, even if you lack prior skills and knowledge on the same, worry no more, the program promises that it is newbie-friendly. However, you should not join to earn as high as the creator the moment you start. Remember, he already had his online presence.

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